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Re: Donoghue family in Barnsley 1855
Posted by: Anne Polding ()
Date: October 27, 2000 01:00

Donoghue family in Barnsley

Anne Polding ( Posted on 27-Oct-2000

My Donoghue family tree branch begins with my gg-grandmother Ellen Donoghue who was born in Barnsley circa 1855. She married John Feeley. Her parents were called Michael and Ellen and came from Tipperary. I would be grateful for any information on this Donoghue family.

and Ian Polding ( Replied on 6-May-2002

I have know clue about Donoghue, but I have the same surname as you - how cool is that.

and Geoffrey Donoghue ( Replied on 19-Sep-2002

Do your ancestors come from Poplar, London > Cork?

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Re: Research on James Donahoo b.1765 revolutionary soldier
Posted by: E. Dale Donahoo ()
Date: November 06, 2000 01:00

Research on James Donahoo

E. Dale Donahoo ( Posted on 6-Nov-2000

James Donahoo was a revoluntary soldier born in Maryland 11/02/1765 and is buried in the Swellsville OH cemetery 05/05/1851. He had brothers or cousins by the name of William and Robert. He had a military pension in Philadelphia and in Delaware. He came to Belmont Co. Ohio in approx 1821 and resided there until his death. His wife's maiden name was Hester Justice. I am looking for Jame's father's name and place of residence.

and Lauren Donahoo ( Replied on 3-Nov-2002

Hello I am most interested in your ancestor. As you can see by my name, I am a DONAHOO from Maryland. My ancestor was John Donahoo, the lighthouse builder, dates aree about 1786 to 1858. One possibility is Gilbert Donahoo, born in Maryland (Harford County) in 1738. This might be his father. / Lauren

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Re: Mary Dumphy born Newfoundland, probably Dunville, end of 19th century.
Posted by: Cormier ()
Date: November 14, 2000 01:00


Cormier ( Posted on 14-Nov-2000

My grandmother's maiden name was Mary Dumphy. She was born in Newfoundland, probably in Dunville, end of 19th century. Have you any information a family that probably emigrated from Ireland?
Maryse Combes Mauritius

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Re: Thomas Donohue born Ireland. Son, James, born in England 1852. To America in 1863, Trenton, NJ.
Posted by: Paul Panarisi ()
Date: November 16, 2000 01:00

Donohue migration 1863

Paul Panarisi ( Posted on 16-Nov-2000

Hello all,
I am looking for clues as to the origin of my Donaghues/Donohues. Thomas Donohue was born in Ireland (whereabouts unknown). He had a son, James born in England in 1852. They came to America in 1863, settling in Trenton, NJ.
James Married Wilhelmina Randow in 1879.
Not much to go on, but desperation pushes the search forward.
Best Regards to all,
Paul Panarisi

and Paul Panarisi ( Replied on 22-Nov-2000

Footnote to my earlier post.
I received the 1870 NJ census yeserday and found a nest of Donoghues living in Trenton, NJ.
In one house there are about 9 of them, including three Charles Donoghues. Some must be nephews or such. Someone must surely belong to these fine people. They are from England, Ireland and Scotland and all living under one roof.
I am still seeking Thomas Donoghue b. 1820 in Ireland, married Susan (maiden name unknown) and arriving in America abt. 1863.
Regards to all,
Paul Panarisi

and Sylvia Repsher ( Replied on 10-Jan-2002

Paul, I am looking for information on the Donohue family - I do not know the name of the father, however, I did find a branch listed in the 1860 Pennsylvania Census for Philadelphia that lists siblings, etc. for my great grandmother, her name was Sarah Donohue Kingston born approx 1838.
On the 1860 census for family 381 were listed: William Donohue, age 29, white, male, paper stainer, born PA Tressilla Donohue, age 23, white, female Catherine Donohue, age 3, (I'm assuming problably child of couple above) Charles Donohue, age 23, paper stainer, born PA Sarah Donohue, age 60, white female (I'm thinking mother of family) Louis Kingston, age 24 or 29 hard to decipher, white, male, machinist, (my great great grandfather) born PA a/k/a Lucius H Kingston Sarah Kingston, age 22, white female, born PA (wife of Louis Kingston) Josephine Kingston, age 10/12, child of Louis and Sarah Donohue Kingston I would assume. Emma Donohue, age 16, white female, tailoress born PA Lydia Donohue, age 13, white, female, attended some school John Lacy (or Sacy, presumably Lacy capital letter tough to distingish) age 28, carpenter, born England.
This is the first 'clue' I've had to carry my search for information forward. Prior to this I've just had the names of Louis Kingston and Sarah Donohue who became his wife.
I do know that my grandfather, who was the son of Lucius/Louis Kingston and Sarah Donohue Kingston - his name was Andrew Jackson Kingston and he was born in Pennsylvania (presumably Philadelphia) March 11, 1870 was married in Camden, NJ on May 23, 1890.
It is difficult to find information as there are so many Donohue families that it is hard to pinpoint exactly who belongs to who. I am very exited by the find of the 1860 census information and hope it will provide more details.
Do you have the names of the Donohue's listed in the Trenton, NJ 1870 Census or where could I find it?

and Thomas Donohue () Replied on 24-Nov-2002

My father, also called Thomas Donohue, was born in Manchester, England on 7th July 1922. His father was John Donohue, born in Ireland, whereabouts unknown. Hope this helps a little.

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Re: John Donoghue and Bridget Shea Gortdromakeiry, Co.Kerry 1863
Posted by: John O'Donoghue ()
Date: November 21, 2000 01:00

John Donoghue and Bridget Shea

John O'Donoghue ( Posted on 21-Nov-2000

Does anybody have any information on John Donoghue formerley of Gortdromakeiry,Kerry who married Bridget Shea in Glenflesk in 1863.His parents were Dan Donoghue and Mary Carey and hers were Timothy Shea and Ellen Murphy. They had 4 daughters Mary, Hannah,Ellen and Margaret. Margaret married Pat O'Sullivan of Coomacullen in 1898.Maybe there are relatives still living in Kerry?Any clues appreciated. Thanks,John O'Donoghue of Sydney, Australia.

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Re: Donoghue of County Cork
Posted by: Dan Donahue ()
Date: November 26, 2000 01:00

Donoghue of County Cork

Dan Donahue ( Posted on 26-Nov-2000

Just visited your site for the first time. Looked through all the messages and found no connection. Here is my family history that I know.
Patrick Donoghue born in Ireland abt 1830-40 and was married to a Mary Fitzgerald. They had two or three children.
Michael Donoghue, born Dec. 29, 1861 in Glounthane Parish,Courtstown Townland, Little Island, County Cork, Ireland. Immigrated to USA before 1889 to Lynn, MA and married Anna Curtin in Lynn, MA. She came to the USA from Ireland and maybe from the same area as there were Curtins in the church records. They had six children Ellen, Mary, William, Bridget, Henry and Jeremiah. All born in Lynn, MA.
Hannah (Anna)Donoghue, Born 1858 or 1859 (Two were listed in parish records.) in same parish in Ireland. Stayed in Ireland and married Patrick Sheehan. They had 8 children, Timothy, Patrick, Denis, Michael, Mary, John, Cornelius, Lawrence and William.
I just found this information out during a recent trip to Ireland. It was exciting to find this information in writing by reviewing the parish records and the 1901 census. I found Patrick Donoghue living with his daughter with her husband and 8 children in a two room cottage.
I hope to find more information about Patrick, his parents and other relatives.

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Re: Pvt. Florence O'Donoghue American Civil War Veteran returned to Tralee, Ireland about 1868
Posted by: Herman F. Bohnhorst ()
Date: November 29, 2000 01:00

Wife's grandfathers

Hermaan F. Bohnhorst ( Posted on 29-Nov-2000

Searching for history on Issac Black, and Pvt. Florence O'Donoghue American Civil War Veteran who returned to Trallee, Ireland about 1868. He served in the 101st NY Reg'mt of Infantry and the 20th NY Reg'mt of Cavalry

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Re: JM O'Donahue & Leonie née Ballard who emigrated to Tasmania
Posted by: Hilary Joan de Birch ()
Date: December 05, 2000 01:00


Hilary Joan de Birch ( Posted on 5-Dec-2000

Seeking descendants of JM O'Donahue & Leonie née Ballard who emigrated to Tasmania. Descendants were Seamus T O'Donahue b. 1921 and John M O'Donahue b. 1925 - someone was a dentist in Tasmania. Wonder if they have any news of Wigan or County Clare? Lots of news of family this end. Hilary de Birch née O'Donohoe

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Re: Melbourne Australia O'Donoghues
Posted by: Dan O'Donoghue ()
Date: January 16, 2001 01:00

Melbourne Australia O'Donoghues

Dan O'Donoguhe ( Posted on 16-Jan-2001

anyone able to tell me more of how the O'Donoghue clan came to Australia, my grandfather (Dec 1980)also called Daniel O'Donoghue was born on country victoria in the Gipsland area.
He was a publican and an sp bookemaker infamous for his run ins with the law and a much loved and respected family man he led a distinguised life in Bacchus Marsh, on the oustkirts of Melbourne Australia.
His decendents were from county clare, i think they came out in the 1860's.

and Kathy Newey ( Replied on 18-Jan-2001

Hello, Iam also tracing O'Donoghues from Glen Flesk, kerry, Ireland. We are trying to find what happened to my great grandfather's brother John O'Donoghue born 11 Dec 1853 of Alexander O'Donoghue and Eliza Collins who travelled to melbourne in the 1870s - He had other family who immigrated to New Zealand - brothers Denis, michael, alexander and daniel, and sisters Clara, Margaret, Annie and Bridget. Good luck with your searching. Regards

and David Benner ( Replied on 31-Aug-2002

My mother's grandfather was William Maloney who married Catharine Fogarty, born in 1830-1831 Glen Flesk Ireland, parents John Fogarty and Bridget Donoghue. Do you have any history of the Glen Flesk Donoghues and Fogarty's?

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Re: William T. Donahue, of Chicago, IL 1862
Posted by: Helen Nichols Battleson ()
Date: January 20, 2001 01:00

William T. Donahue, of Chicago, IL 1862

Helen Nichols Battleson ( Posted on 20-Jan-2001

Looking for descendants of William T. Donahue:
1 William T. Donahue b: Abt 1862 d: Aft. September 30, 1896 in prob, Cook, IL . +Sabina A. Murphy b: 1858 in East Whiting, IN, or, Chicago m: Bef. September 30, 1896 in Chicago, Cook, IL d: 1949 in prob, Chicago, Cook, IL
Sabina 'Cibbe' Murphy, was d/o Roger Murphy of IRL, Lake Co., IN & Cook Co., IL.
REF: 1870 census she was called 'Cibbe', for Sabina...
CEN: 1870 Cook Co., Hyde Park, Ainsworth P. O., p.166 #136/141;
MURPHY, Cibbe age 12 F W b IL
REF: She was named 7th in Table of Heirship in Probate Court, Cook Co., IL., in Roger Murphy's Estate.
MARR: William Donahue bef 30 Sep 1896, prob in Chicago, IL.
Sometime after 1883, this article appeared in a Chicago paper in regard to the Roger Murphy family, this is only a portion of the article;
The Murphy's nine children all married and had families and lived in Chicago. They were as follows: Patrick L., Michael, Martin, William, John, Mrs. Sarah Murphy Moylan, Mrs. Kate Murphy Conboy, Mrs. Sabina Murphy Donahue, and Mrs. Ann Murphy Mosher. There were fifty grandchildren. The two surviving members of the original Murphy family are Mrs. Sabina Donahue, 5420 Ellis Avenue, and Mrs. Ann Mosher, 7027 Eberhardt Avenue.
I would love to here from any descendants of William & Sabina Murphy Donahue.
TIA, Helen @Hewick

and Mary Alice Donahue ( Replied on 16-Feb-2003

I am the great granddaughter of William T and Sabina. My father now deceased was named after my great grandfather William Thomas Donahue. My grandfather was Heyward, the son that ran away from home (Chicago) when he was 15 years old.
Please contact me so that we can compare notes. I am very interested in the Murphy side of the family. William T. died in a fire in 1920. He was a fire captain and was on duty at the time.
Thank you! Mary Alice

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Re: Donahue's of Tyrone County Ireland
Posted by: Kevin Donahue ()
Date: February 06, 2001 01:00

Donahue's of Tyrone County Ireland

Kevin Donahue ( Posted on 6-Feb-2001

I am interested in any information regarding Hugh Donahue, Donahoe or Donohoe or County Tyrone Ireland, Hugh is born in 1789 and emigrates to America in 1818. Interested in any info regarding his parents,brothers or sisters, land..etc...Ill be making the trip to Ireland between March 7-26 2001 to research Hugh's trail in Ireland.

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Re: James Donahoe, Bedford County, PA, late 18th century
Posted by: Patti Donahoe ()
Date: February 11, 2001 01:00

James Donahoe, Bedford County, PA

Patti Donahoe ( Posted on 11-Feb-2001

I have traced my Donahoe roots back to James William Donahoe, born in 1758 in Ireland. His naturalization papers are dated 1795, in PA. Married Jane Rachel Cassidy, daughter of Patrick Cassidy who also immigrated from Ireland and founded the town of Newry, PA. Anyone know of this family or where in Ireland James came from? James died in 1838 in Chaneysville, PA. His oldest son Patrick, and wife Ann McAtee, were my gggrandparents.

and Patrick Donahoe ( Replied on 7-Sep-2002

Patti, James W. Donahoe is also my ggggrandfather. I've been trying to find out where in Ireland he originated but without success. If you find out, please post it. In the meantime you might be interested in this website.

and Patti Donahoe ( Replied on 30-Oct-2002

I just emailed you......thanks for the response! I do know that James and Jane are buried in Beans Cove, church of the seven dolors church. I'd love to share info with you!

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Re: John F. Donoghue age 18 headed for Taunton, Massachusetts. Lived Caherciveen and b. Waterville
Posted by: Bob Donahue ()
Date: February 13, 2001 01:00

Family history

Bob Donahue ( Posted on 13-Feb-2001

Hi all I'm trying to find any info that I can about lost relatives. My grandfather came over from Ireland in 1902. He was John F. DOnoghue age 18. He was headed for Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. His last known address was Caherciveen and he was born in Waterville. He married Mary Flynn (Youghal) in Taunton. They had a parcel of kids, moving to Whitinsville, Mass after two were born. MAry died in Whitinsville, John in WOrcester, 1930. Im interested in trying to find a link to Ireland today. I realize it's a long time, but maybe someone out there knows something. Thanks Bob DOnahue

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Re: George Washington Donnahoe, Co. Cork to US
Posted by: Rhonda Nielson ()
Date: March 10, 2001 01:00


rhonda nielson ( Posted on 10-Mar-2001

Iam looking for my ancestors. Since they came to the united states they havad been given the name donnahoe, althought it might not have been that in Ireland the country of origin. My grandfather was George washington donnahoe. he married a molly schafer the first time and iam unsure of his second wife. Iam also unsure whether or not they were married in irleland or not. The county over there of origin is cork county. Anyt information will be greatly apprecieated.

and Ricki Donnahoe ( Replied on 25-Jul-2002

I am a female living in Sacramento CA, born in chico, my parents were from Fortuna CA, my father John Donnahoe, I have a sister, Debbie Donnahoe, and a brother Joe Donnahoe, Grandmother, Marie Donnahoe, and Grandfather John Henry Donnahoe in Arizona... If we are related, would love to know!! Grandpa was from The Ozarks .. Arkansas area. Thanks

and Sarah Donnahoe () Replied on 31-Jul-2002

Hi, my father is named George Donnahoe and his Father is Prince Albert Donnahoe. Supposedly four brothers traveled from Ireland through Canada and ended up in Arkansas. Prince Albert was a lake in Canada that my grandfather and his father were both named after. don't know any one beyond my great granfather. We all maybe related, not alot of Donnahoe's out there.

and rhonda ( Replied on 2-Dec-2002

We are related, that is what i have too,, four brothers came from ireland slightly migrated to prince edward ireland, then made a pack to move to the states and become rich, they moved to earle arkansas where they own and operated a cotten gin, the general store and lumber mill. I have more names please email ,, i have lots

and rhonda ( Replied on 17-Dec-2002

We are related, lets see your great gradnfather;s name was james, him and my grandfather clarence were brothers!! I have talked to you grand father, i have lots of information,, do you have any? let me know at

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Re: Gchildren of David Joseph Donohue & Mary Boyla, Philadelphia, PA about 1900
Posted by: Beth Cherkowsky ()
Date: March 12, 2001 01:00

Gchildren of David Joseph Donohue & Mary Boyla

Beth Cherkowsky ( Posted on 12-Mar-2001

Ok, for the timebeing I have given up on tracing David J. back any further than Philadelphia, Pa. 1901. However! There were 6 children by he and my gmother Mary Boylan. Besides my father (Edward Francis) who was the last one born, there are James born in 1907 in either Washington DC or Philadelphia Pa and died in 1941 in Oregon. He's buried in a single grave in Middletown NJ. but supposed to have had a son.
William born in 1909 and died in 1943. He was married and had at least one child, believed to be a son. His wife was last known to be in Washington DC. in the 1940's or early 50's.
John, born 1910 and died some time in the late 1960's or early 70's. There are at least 3 children. One daughter Eleanor (Cranford?) lives in NJ somewhere along the shore. The son and another child are in the same area but I don't know names.
David's daughter I know and you can contact her thru me.
Mary (Polly) married George Lithco and had 3 children Sheila, Eileen and George,Jr. Last known to be on Staten Island in 1980.
If you are any of these people or descended from them, please email me. We are trying to set up a family reunion.

and Kevin Davis ( Replied on 4-Nov-2001

Hi Beth, I was surfing the web and came across your board. If you have not made contact with any of the Lithco's formerly of Staten Island, I know certainly know the whereabouts of George, Sheila and Eileen. You can contact me at my aol address:

and Sheila ( Replied on 3-Jan-2002

Hi there Beth. Do you remember MacGuire's Grove and the apple orchard across from Granma's house? Remember the glasses you lost one weekend at Granma's and you'll never guess where there were found many years later! E Mail me at I am looking forward to hearing from you!

and sheila () Replied on 5-Jan-2002

I have the answers and the links that you would like to fill in a lot of the blanks. You have to read your mail at least once or twice a month.

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Re: American Civil War Pvt. Florence O'Donoghue
Posted by: Herman F.Bohnhorst ()
Date: March 20, 2001 01:00

American Civil War Pvt. Florence O'Donoghue

Herman F.Bohnhorst ( Posted on 20-Mar-2001

Searching for ancestors data, history on Pvt Florence'Donoghue who enlisted in both the 101st NY Reg,mt of Infantry and the 20th NY of Cavalry in Syracuse, NY starting about 1861. His second discharge was in Manchester, VA. He some how ret'd to Syracuse applied for a Invalid Pension which was approved but never rec'd, because there was no house to house delivery. Returned to Tralee, Ireland about 1871.

and Paul Donohue ( Replied on 4-Jan-2003

Quite some time has passed since you posted your message, which I quote: 'Searching for histoy on Issac Black and Pvt Florence O'Donohue American Civil War Veteran who returned to Tralle (sic), Ireland about 1868.' If you are still using the e-mail address that you used in November 2000, I would be interested in further contact. Catherine Black, a relative of mine lived in New York and was related to Florence O'Donoghue, who according to family tradition returned to Tralee some time after 1870.

and Paul Donohue ( Replied on 5-Jan-2003

Dear Herman F. Bohnhorst:
Some time ago, specifically Friday, 15 December 2000, at 2:51 p.m., you posted the following message on the O'Donoghue Forum, I quote: 'Searching for data on my wife's Grandfather Florence O'Donoghue served in 101st NYReg'mt of Infantry then 20th NY Reg'mt of Cavalry. Returned home to Tralee, Ireland married Moria (Mary Fitzmaurice) had two Daughters Jane and Catherine. Lived to be 96 years old.
Your message interests me because my great-great uncle Florence O'Donoghue returned to Tralee after the 1870 U.S. Census. According to my late father, Florence 'Flurry' O'Donoghue fought in the Civil War. Furthermore, I am related to Catherine Black of New York.
Further exchange of information would help to understand if we re speaking of the same individuals.

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Re: John Henry Donohue & Kathryn McBride 1871 Philadelphia, PA
Posted by: Janet Ebner nee Donohue ()
Date: March 24, 2001 01:00

John Henry Donohue & Kathryn McBride 1871
Janet Ebner nee Donohue ( Posted on 24-Mar-2001

Am looking for info on my grandparents. John Henry Donohue and Kathryn McBride. They lived in Philadelphia PA, according to 1910 census, were both born in Pennsylvania and would have been born about 1971. Their children were Mary C, William J, Agnas, Celestine, Abraham, John, Margaret and Joseph in that order. My father was Joseph Bernard Donohue. I've heard their parents came from Ireland, 'one from the north and one from the south'. Would appreciate any info on possible connections. Thank you

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Re: Donahue's Donaghy's of Tyrone County Ireland
Posted by: Kevin Donahue ()
Date: March 27, 2001 01:00

Donahue's Donaghy's of Tyrone County Ireland

Kevin Donahue ( Posted on 27-Mar-2001

Hello everyone,
Im searching for any info regarding the Donaghy's and Donaghoe's or Country Tyrone Ireland, Im trying to confirm if I am related to this man: 'Hugh Donaghy' born and baptised 12th Oct 1788 in Dungannon RC Church. Parents Hugh Donaghy and Susan McGuigan; sponsors Patrick and Sara McGuigan.
If you have any info on this man, please respond. Also I am looking for any info regarding,The 12 Donaghoes in the Parish of Clonfeacle, which is south of Dungannon.
Thank You.
Kevin Donahue

and Colm Donaghy ( Replied on 19-Jul-2001

Kevin; I have no direct information in respect of Hugh Donaghy, He may have been a relation of my Great Grandfather William, who was born about 1813 in the parish of Clonfeacle( Clonfeacle combines Moy in Co Tyrone & Blackwatertown Co Armagh), however 2 of my Great Grandfathers sons, Jack(John) and Patrick (Pat)did make contact with Patrick Mc Kearney, Grange, near Moy, Co Tyrone by way of letter, enclosing a photograph taken in Dore Studios San Francisco 1905. The letter was written by Marie Donohue. As follows;
'This is Pat and Jack, Myself and the children is well, I will send a long letter soon, Marie Donohue 3086-25 Street San Francisco'
We know that the 2 boys were certainly Donaghy's, (written on the back of the photo were the words 'Jack Donaghy 21 Sparta Street, Sanfrancisco') and presumably Marie was married to one of them. It has been said many times by My father and Granduncle Ned that the Donaghys referred to that went to the states did call themselves Donohue. I do know that the Donahues that currently reside in Moy originate fron Emyvale Co Monaghan and are unrelated to the Donaghys.
I hope some of the information may be of help.
Colm Donaghy

and gary mc kearney ( Replied on 5-Oct-2002

hello how are you. are you a brother of plunketts. my father is brendan mc kearney from the moy. his father is you know them.

and COLM DONAGHY ( Replied on 30-Nov-2002

Gary Yes, I know your father, Grand-Father and I also remember your Great Grand-father who was a coachman years ago. But the big question is will Tyrone win Sam under Micky? CD

and Claire Donaghy ( Replied on 20-Nov-2002

I just typed my father's name into a search engine and found this site. i find it very interesting, as my fathers name is also Colm Donaghy, and he to is from tyrone, Coalisland to be exact. I was wondering if u were a distant relation and if so if it wasnt to much trouble I would like to know a bit about the past generations? My grandfather was called Seamus Donaghy, from Coalisland. I do not know if this is any use. Sorry if this was a waste of your time. ps i like ur name!!!
Claire Donaghy

and Colm Donaghy ( Replied on 30-Nov-2002

Claire; I'm not sure if we are related although I guess it is a possibility, I suooose it depends how far back you go. Strangely enough I was born in Coalisland, in a little house in Brackaville. I have carried out limited research into the history of the name Donaghy and come up with conflicting views. Some (in fact most) observers say that we derive from the O'Donaghues in Munster, however I prefer the version that we derive from an offspring off the O'Neill clan. The last option I think is more realistic and is backed up by Arthur Daly of the O'Neill historical. Apparantly thr Donaghy in West Tyrone derive from the Maguires. If you are interested in tracing your ancestry you could try Willy O'Kane at Heritage World in Donaghmore or Armagh Ancestry both have web-sites If you can't get them I'll send them on to you. They have access to a multitude of records, however from my experience I would advise that you get as much information from living family members (make sure and write the information down as its amazing how much can be forgotten)
Good Luck

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Re: P.F. O'Donoghue, the Killarney side of Glenflesk, Co.Kerry
Posted by: Danny O'Donoghue ()
Date: March 27, 2001 01:00


danny o'donoghue ( Posted on 27-Mar-2001

The D'onoghue family (Now known head is Crohoor Og i.e. Young Con) has been resident in Glenflesk for centuries and we get the 1st glimpse of the family history from a grant of land to Con O'Donoghue in the townland of Derrymaclevode by a son of Captain Callistus O'Donoghue, Drumcarbin in the latter quarter of the eightenth century. (See geneolgy of P.F. O'Donoghue.)
Do you have any info on the geneology of P.F. O'Donoghue who I think was in the Killarney side of Glenflesk.
Yours faithfully Danny O'Donoghue

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Re: Donahoe any spelling......
Posted by: Diane Hutson ()
Date: April 12, 2001 01:00


DIANE HUTSON ( Posted on 12-Apr-2001


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