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The O'Donoghue Society

For all those interested in history and genealogy and whose names are derived from the Gaelic

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Work from known back to unknown
Never start with the assumption that you're related to someone famous and try to force the connection. Always work from known back to the unknown not the other way

Regular contributors

On this page are listed all the people who have contributed more than one main article (either by writing or researching). I intend this as a note of appreciation for their efforts on the society's behalf.
Fennell, Kathy of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
January 2019 Caherbanna
January 2020 John O'Donohue, 1 January 1956 – 4 January 2008
April 2020 Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue AC CBE DSG
O'Donoghue, Vincent of Kilmore, Victoria, Australia
October 2019 The distribution of the surname Donohoe and its variations in County Cavan in the 19th century
July 2020 Sources for the Name Ó Dhonnchadha in the Sixteenth Century in Counties of Cavan and Longford
April 2021 The O’Donohoes of Cavan: their origin
O'Donoghue, Patrick of Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland
January 2019 A Reconsideration of the Surname Dunphy
July 2019 Were the O’Donoghues of Irishtown Kilkenny Cats?
Memorial to William Donoghou Portreeve of Irishtown, Kilkenny 1582
January 2021 From Irish Personal Names to Hereditary Surnames, including O’Donoghue ​
O'Donoghue, Ollie of Maidstone, Kent , England
October 2017 O’Donoghues In Onondaga: Fighting in the Courthouse
July 2018 Some O’Donoghue officers & NCOs in the American Civil War
Bravo, Laura of San Jose, California, USA
July 2008 Donoho Family trip to Ireland April 2-9, 2008
October 2013 Journey to the Donoho Reunion, Church & Prairie - June 2013
April 2014 World War II history of Lemuel Larkin Donoho
July 2015 The Adventures of Juan Ó Donojú (Part One)
October 2015 The Adventures of Juan Ó Donojú (Part Two): General Tomás Ó Donojú - his brother
January 2016 The Adventures of Juan Ó Donojú (Part Three): Mariana Ó Donojú, his sister, and the Irish of Seville, Spain
Bray, Stephen of Liverpool, Lancashire, England
April 2004 The Irish migration to Britain in the nineteenth century
October 2004 The Irish in Britain in the twentieth century
April 2005 The O’Donoghue Cup – The story of an athlete
Cannon, Kim of Fremantle, Western Australia,
January 2004 The story of Bridget O’Donoghue – From Limerick to Swan Hill, Victoria
July 2004 Rottnest Island and an O’Donoghue headstone
April 2018 O'Donoghue's Building, Melbourne
Carty, Thomas of Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland
January 2013 Old Colbroney & death messengers
July 2016 Pat Donohoe, a threatened G-man, in 1916
Deets, Cindy of Slidell, Louisiana, USA
January 2005 The O’Donoghue Hall of Fame – Focus on Entertainment
April 2005 The O’Donoghue Hall of Fame – Focus on Media
July 2005 Love of yester yore
July 2005 Dunphy, Nevada – A tale of adventure
July 2005 The O’Donoghue Hall of Fame – Focus on Art
October 2005 The O’Donoghue Hall of Fame – Focus on Medicine
Dictus, Chris of Diepenbeek, , Belgium
April 2012 The O'Donnoghues of Geldrop and Niel (1)
July 2012 The O'Donnoghues of Geldrop and Niel (2)
Donahoo, Lauren of Fairfax, Virginia, USA
January 2005 The Donahoo Family in Maryland: Part One – The Colonial period
April 2005 The Donahoo Family in Maryland: Part Two – Independence and lighthouses
Donahue, Bernard of Riverside, California, USA
January 2008 The Battle of the Diamond
January 2009 The Battle of the Diamond - Redux
Donahue, Kevin of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
July 2001 Clan Symbolism
April 2004 Which coat should I wear today?
April 2006 American Revolutionary War (1775-83) – Personalities and Insights
Donahue, Michaela of South Portland, Maine, USA
October 2017 "There's magic in Ireland"
April 2018 "Each to his own"
Donahue, Professor Tom deceased of Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA
October 2000 The Tower House of the O’Donoghue of the Glen at Killaha
April 2001 The O’Donoghues of Coomacullen townland in Glenflesk, County Kerry
January 2002 The O’Donoghues of Coomacullen – a sequel; or the Johnnies found
October 2003 Irish naming practices and the O'Donoghues
From October 2003 Quarterly Y-DNA Project report
July 2004 O’Donoghues in 17th and 18th century poetry
Donahue, Thomas R of Washington DC, , USA
January 2012 The Ballad of Moses Donohue
October 2013 'A Gathering' in Wexford
Donehoo, Jerry of Austell, Georgia, USA
April 2006 Brother Ralph and Doctor Floyd Donehoo
July 2007 Paul Donehoo – I can do it
April 2008 A Dunnahoo in the Old West
Donoghue, Michael John of Panorama, South Australia, Australia
July 2012 My Certificate of Irish Heritage
October 2012 A man in a kilt is a man and a half
Donohew, Dion of Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
January 2010 The Donohews of Western Virginia - family tragedies
April 2010 Theodocia's Thought
Donohue, Nick of Newport, Gwent, Wales
October 2002 My great grandfather of Kilmacduagh, County Galway
April 2003 The O’Donoghue Hall of Fame – Focus on Music (1)
July 2006 The Siege of Lucknow and the Indian Mutiny (1857-8)
Donohue, Timothy of Chico, California, USA
April 2017 Building San Francisco Visionaries and Laborers
July 2017 Dead Relatives
October 2018 Unravelling O’Donoghue autosomal DNA
April 2020 Railroad man
July 2020 Scofflaw
January 2021 I Hear the Train a Comin’
Dougherty, Sherida Fuller of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA
October 2006 The Squire’s last harvest in the hills
April 2007 The saga of the Molly Maguires and Yellow Jack Donahoe
July 2007 Emeralds in the Bluegrass - The Irish of Early Kentucky
October 2007 John O'Donohoe & the politics  of Irish Catholics in Canada
Duniho, Terence deceased of Providence, Rhode Island, USA
April 2002 Tracing my Duniho ancestry – the trail in the USA
July 2002 Tracing my Duniho ancestry – the trail in Ireland 
Frantz, Suzanne of St Clair, Michigan, USA
July 2004 The Journey of Thomas Scott Donahue
July 2006 John W. Donihue – Ghost of the Goldrush
Gilmore-Stewart, Davina of Moretonhampstead, Devon, England
April 2009 Halls of Fame: The natural world and the O'Donoghues
July 2009 The Pilgrim's Rest
October 2014 Halls of Fame: O'Donoghues reach for the Stars
Glennon, Clarke of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, USA
January 2012 I remember Mary Donahue
October 2015 The ancient origins of our 'Donahue' family
Kennedy, Paula of Aldershot, Hampshire, England
April 2014 My search for my O'Donoghue relatives
July 2014 Peter Donoghue & the Lusitania
October 2014 The story of Martin H Donohoe, war correspondent extraordinary.  Episode One: The New South Wales Lancers & the Boer War
January 2015 The story of Martin H Donohoe, war correspondent extraordinary.  Episode Two: Russo-Japanese War, Turkey & the Boer War
April 2015 The story of Martin H Donohoe, war correspondent extraordinary: Episode Three
July 2015 The story of Martin H Donohoe, war correspondent extraordinary:  Episode Four
January 2016 Rex vs O'Donoghue - murder or infanticide?
July 2016 O’Donoghues in Annascaul, Dingle, Kerry
October 2017 Another O'Donoghue in Annascaul
July 2018 My experiences studying the History of Family and Genealogy at Limerick
Oct 2020 The Earl Grey Famine Orphan Scheme
Lott, Kathleen of Northfield, Vermont, USA
April 2011 From Glenflesk to Northfield, Vermont (Part One)
July 2011 From Glenflesk to Northfield, Vermont (Part Two)
July 2011 From the trenches 1917
October 2011 From Glenflesk to Northfield, Vermont (Part Three)
January 2012 From Glenflesk to Northfield, Vermont (Part Four)
Luetkemeyer, Mark Donehue of Jefferson City, Missouri, USA
April 2012 A man for all seasons - Pete Donehue
July 2012 Juanita Donehue & O'Donoghue Steaks & Seafood
October 2012 Mary Donehue & the Orphan Train Movement
January 2014 The Triangle Shirtwaste Factory fire & Daniel Donohue
January 2014 The sad story of Francis & Hannah Donehue
Ó Donnchadha, Eóin of Knocklyon, Dublin, Ireland
July 2008 The name Ó Donnchadha & modern cultural expression
October 2008 Identifying ourselves through the past
October 2008 The poems of Geoffrey O'Donoghue
October 2008 A modernpoem in an older idiom
April 2009 The Ua Donnchadha sept of Osraige: A brief introduction
O'Donoghue, Brendan of Dublin , , Ireland
April 2009 How to trace your Irish roots
April 2015 Very Reverend Father Thomas O'Donoghue
O'Donoghue, Gerry of Mitcham, Surrey, England
April 2002 Gortaleen and the mystery of my grandfather
July 2002 The RUC man's son
October 2005 Member’s search enq uiry
O'Donoghue, Helen of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
January 2008 Australian rules football and the O'Donoghues
April 2012 Famine in Kilgarvan - Tim The Tailor Buckley
July 2014 Irish immigration into Victoria
July 2018 A Life lived for others
O’Donoghue, John of Keshcarrigan, County Leitrim, Ireland
October 2005 The O’Donoghues of Lyre, Kilmurry and Brosna, County Kerry
January 2006 The Oregon Trail – Donahoe/Donahue tales
O’Donoghue, John & Judy of Sydney, NSW, Australia
October 2003 Irish naming practices and the O'Donoghues
January 2004 Donohue Highway in Queensland, Australia
April 2005 An O’Donoghue with a touch of ‘Claas’
O'Donoghue, John L of Honeoye Falls, New York , USA
April 2010 The Acre: A place of new beginnings
April 2010 Clann Donnachaidh
O’Donoghue, Larry of Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
October 2006 Irish settlement in South Africa in the nineteenth century
January 2007 Gathering of the descendants of Chevalier Henry O’Donoghue
O’Donoghue, Roderick of Sudbury, Suffolk, England
October 2006 Violet Evangeline O'Donoghue – Suffragette
January 2007 An Irishman in the early 19th century British army - The Life of Lieutenant Colonel John William O’Donoghue CB, 47th Regiment of Foot
April 2007 Oral and literary influences on the O’Donoghues Duff from 1641 to the present day
January 2009 Rev. Edward Geoffrey O'Donoghue (The Caring Curate)
July 2009 Algernon Charles O'Donoghue 'A sound man'
October 2010 The Life and Family of Lt Colonel Charles James O'Donoghhue, 76th Hindustan Regiment of Foot
January 2018 Who am I?
October 2018 An Enquiry into the Poetry of Jeremiah Aloysius Doneghue.
January 2020 The Jacobite O’Donoghues and the Château de la Ronce 1700-57: A new perspective – Part I
April 2020 The Jacobite O’Donoghues and the Château de la Ronce 1700-57: A new perspective – Part II
O’Donoghue/Ross, Elizabeth of Glenflesk, County Kerry, Ireland
January 2004 Captain Right – The Rightboy movement and the Tithe Wars
April 2004 Royal Order of Ónaght Ó Donnchadha at the Mallow Castle Bash
From January 2005 Quarterly Y-DNA Project report
October 2006 The Milesian myth and the Scythian connection
January 2011  Garranes –The Camelot of Ireland
April 2012  The Return of the Aghadoe Crosier
April 2013 The Usurpers of West Munster
April 2015 Captain Right - the Rightboy Movement & the late 18th century
April 2018 The Gaelic Irish Chief: Past Present & Future
O'Donoghue/Ross, Tighe of Glenflesk, Co.Kerry, Ireland
July 2001 Clan Symbolism
January 2002 The O'Donoghues of Ross
October 2006 The O’Donoghues of Ross – A personal reflection
October 2006 The Milesian myth and the Scythian connection
October 2007 The O'Donoghue Society yDNA project
July 2009  The Coat of Arms of The O’Donoghue Mór
October 2010  The Enigma of the Eóganacht Genetic Signature and the ‘Scythian Marker’
January 2011  Garranes –The Camelot of Ireland
October 2014 The Battle of Clontarf - 1014.  The path begins at Innisfallen
July 2016 The Coming of the Gael - How and why one saga of invasion became three.  All roads lead to Kerry
January 2017 The Imdomitable Irishry
April 2018 The Gaelic Irish Chief: Past Present & Future
O'Donohue, Michael J of Toulouse, False , France
January 2012 The meaning of Donnchadh and Ó Donnchadha/Ó Donnchú
January 2014 Irish priests in Toulouse
Ryan, Brenda of Mt Waverley, Victoria, Australia
April 2006 Cratloe to Bendigo - Michael and Honora O’Donoghue – an Irish couple who came to Australia
October 2006 Kamarooka to Gallipoli: A tribute to Martin O’Donoghue’s bravery
Slavens, Rick of Beaverton, Oregon, USA
January 2006 The Oregon Trail – Donahoe/Donahue tales
Slavin, Sabina of Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA
July 2003 The Diary of Kathleen Donohue Donahue – Queensland to New York in 1907
January 2005 A Tour through Galway and Donegal in July 2004
Witte, Thomas & Colleen S Donahue of Houston, Texas, USA
October 2015 He died for Britain: Arthur Gerald Donahue (1913-42)
July 2016 Irish Eyes
October 2016 Cornelius 'Lame Johnny' Donahue: Discoverer of the 'Wind Cave' of South Dakota
April 2018 Donahue’s Greenhouse, Inc.  An Account of Richard J Donahue and his Family
July 2019 Two ‘Vinegar Hills’ in the US and OUR Donahue’s
October 2019 From Connemara, Ireland to Connemara Patch, Minnesota 
January 2020 Philip Joseph Donahue III, his life, his Jewish descendants