O’Donohue’s test

This is a well-known physiotherapy routine for testing problems with the knee. It was based on the work of D.H.O’Donohue, who wrote about treatment of injuries to athletes in 1984.

Jimmy Donahue and the Duchess of Windsor

Jimmy Donahue was the son of Woolworth Donahue, a granddaughter of Frank W.Woolworth who amassed a fortune as founder of the 5 and 10 cent chain store. In 1950 the gossip columns were full of the illicit relationship between Jimmy and the American Duchess of Windsor. A book, “Dancing with the Devil”, has just been […]

Quantrill’s raiders

William Quantrill was the infamous leader of a gang of guerillas or raiders who operated along the Missouri – Kansas borders during the Civil War. Intense political hatred existed between these two states. Missouri, a slave state, wanted Kansas admitted to the Union as a slave state too. Abolitionists in Kansas were determined to keep […]

My Donohoe family and Charles Dickens

Contributed by James Donohoe The Donohoes of Co.Cavan and Australia The Donohoe family of Hugh Donohoe and Mary Garrity of Derra Cassin, near Templeport, Co. Cavan began leaving for Australia in 1856. The eldest boy, Patrick, set out for Australia in pursuit of gold.  Hugh was a tenant farmer on land owned by John Sheridan. […]