July 2001 Clan Symbolism
January 2002 The O’Donoghues of Ross
October 2006 The O’Donoghues of Ross – A personal reflection
October 2006 The Milesian myth and the Scythian connection
October 2007 The O’Donoghue Society yDNA project
July 2009  The Coat of Arms of The O’Donoghue Mór
October 2010  The Enigma of the Eóganacht Genetic Signature and the ‘Scythian Marker’
January 2011  Garranes –The Camelot of Ireland
October 2014 The Battle of Clontarf – 1014.  The path begins at Innisfallen
July 2016 The Coming of the Gael – How and why one saga of invasion became three.  All roads lead to Kerry
January 2017 The Imdomitable Irishry
April 2018 The Gaelic Irish Chief: Past Present & Future
July 2022 The Aghadoe Crosier: A Difference of Opinion & A Reasoned Approach
From April 2023 Tighe’s Tales

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