January 2004 Captain Right – The Rightboy movement and the Tithe Wars
April 2004 Royal Order of Ónaght Ó Donnchadha at the Mallow Castle Bash
From January 2005 Quarterly Y-DNA Project report
October 2006 The Milesian myth and the Scythian connection
January 2011  Garranes –The Camelot of Ireland
April 2012  The Return of the Aghadoe Crosier
April 2013 The Usurpers of West Munster
April 2015 Captain Right – the Rightboy Movement & the late 18th century
April 2018 The Gaelic Irish Chief: Past Present & Future
July 2022 The Aghadoe Crosier: A Difference of Opinion & A Reasoned Approach
April, July, October 2023, January 2024, April 2024 Tighe’s Tales

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