Black Haired Man of the Two Barren Hills

Dhuiv da Boirrean

King of Munster
Walk of life:
Chief of the Eoghanachta Rathleinn who became King of Munster and opposed the insurgence of the Dal gCassian tribe.
Biographical details:

In the 10th Century the 600 year long dominance of the province of Munster by the royal Milesian Eoghanachta was challenged by the Desi Dal gCas (later O Briens). To supply some backbone to the Eoghanachta cause Duibh da Boirrean became king of Munster. He was a member of the Cineal Laoghaire (Leary’s People)
branch of the Uibh Echach or Eoghanachta Rathleinn, the other being the Cineal Aodh (Hugh’s People). Cineal Laoghaire became O Donoghues and Cineal Aodh became O Mahonys.

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