Thomas Aloysius


Walk of life:
Prison Teacher - Awarded ISO 1908 for Public Service.
Biographical details:

Born 1843 County Clare – fifth son of Michael O’Donohoe Farmer and Bridget (Murphy). Evicted as an infant during The Famine circa 1847 – to Wigan. The father of the family died on the way and Bridget raised the family amongst other relatives in the town. Thomas is listed as Pupil Teacher in 1861 Census. He married Mary Pitt and they had two sons and five daughters. He subsequently taught at Portland, Armley, Dartmoor Prisons with two spells at Wormwood Scrubs. He is referred to as ‘The Acton Scientist’ in his London Evening News obituary after his death in Acton in 1920.

Specific research interests