Walk of life:
Fellow at OzProspect a non-partisan, public policy think tank. www.danieldonahoo.com/about.php
Biographical details:

Daniel Donahoo is a fellow at OzProspect a non-partisan, public policy think tank.

He lives in rural Victoria with his wife and two children.

Daniel’s research interests are child and family policy, government-community relationships and the development of more localised government and economic systems. He commentates regularly in Australia’s daily newspapers, magazines and online. Daniel is a regular columist at Online Opinion.

Daniel’s policy ideas have been published by Just Policy, Rattler, Melbourne University’s Centre for Public Policy, Australian Prospect and New Matilda.

Daniel is writing his first book. It explores the impacts of our society’s obession and idolising of childhood.

Currently, Daniel is developing early years plans for local government, conducting research into young parents and building his own house out of rammed earth and stone.

Specific research interests