Walk of life:
John was clearly an adventurer. He either traveled with his family or alone from Ireland to Canada. He married in Canada and had one to four sons while in Canada. He and his family immigrated to Worcester, Massachusetts, USA where they made their home and started many generations of Donoghues. John’s death certificate listed his occupation as an Electrical Engineer.
Biographical details:

John was born in Cools (east of Killarney and north of Killaha) to Mike Donoghue and Mary Kerrisk (aka Healy). Mike and Mary were married Feb. 26, 1840 in Cools. John was the fifth of at least 5 children (Ellen – May 11, 1841; Mary – Aug. 2, 1842; Bridget – Jan. 26, 1845; Hugh – Mar. 25, 1847 and John – June 23, 1850) all born in Cools. At some time between 1850 and 1887 John left Ireland and moved to Montreal Canada where he married Mary A. Mooney, who was born in Canada. John and Mary had four sons Joseph Alexander, Michael J., William F. and John W. Donoghue. It is known that Joseph Alexander was born in Montreal Canada in 1887. USA census records indicate Joseph Alexander became a naturalized citizen in 1890 and lived in Worcester Massachusetts for the rest of his life. Joseph Alexander’s parents John and Mary where buried in St. Johns cemetery in Worcester Massachusetts.

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