Walk of life:
Civil engineer and politician
Biographical details:

Tony was elected an alderman to the city of Toronto in the 70s. As a civil engineer his main interest was cleaning up the city of Toronto, improving the quality of the drinking water to the public and updating the by laws of Lake Ontario.

Tony was the first Catholic to contest the mayoral seat. It was said prior to the voting date that Alderman Tony O’Donohoe the promising young academic would be the next Mayor of Toronto. Prior to these remarks the tally indicated Tony was way ahead of rival. The evening prior to the election the tally read "O’Donohue the young Irishman, civil engineer will be the next mayor of our city". Also on the same evening at a public function (opening of new extension to hospital) Alderman Tony was welcomed and it was said that "Tony would be the first Catholic Mayor of our City". But it was not to be.

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