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MacMasters Beach (NSW) surfer, Amee Donohoe, could be forgiven for just feeling relieved at re-qualifying for the 2007 WCT after perhaps her worst result this season – a second round exit from the OP Pro in Hawaii – but she knows that now is when the real work begins.

“I set myself for this season to focus solely on qualifying and I have done that, but now I will have to set myself again to really make my mark on the WCT. that is going to be a lot harder, but I know where my surfing is at and that I can achieve my goals,” said Amee after last weekend’s event.

“I have been there (on the WCT in 2002) once before but this time round I feel better prepared to build my results at that level. I came up against Layne (Beachly) so often that year I just started to throw in the towel. A lot has happened since then and I think I have really grown as a surfer and as a person. I will go into 2007 with a much better approach and maybe a little harder as a competitor than five years ago”.

Amee came close to re-qualifying in 2004, placing 9th on the WQS despite missing several events. 2005 saw her competing in only three events, with a knee injury and minor surgery putting her on the injured list. She has returned strongly this year, with event wins and a series of WQS podiums. Amee is sponsored by Hurley.

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