Walk of life:
Biographical details:

Alison O’Donoghue is an artist born, raised, and living in Portland, Oregon.

She has been painting and showing her artwork for over 20 years.

Her layered, colorful paintings often include images from daily life, are infused with a rythymic quality, with people, objects, plants, animals cohabitating the space of the painting in a symbiotically supportive manner.

Besides having work at The Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, she also show shows her work at The Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, OR and at The Lucia Douglas gallery in Bellingham, WA.

Every Building, every home has doors.Doors are a barrier, also an opportunity. "Opening the door" can mean allowing something to come into one’s life. I wanted my door to present images of things healthy, lush and positive. Humans, animals, nature, thriving together in a world of balance ,understanding and support. Open the Door!

Specific research interests