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Bedford County Pennsylvania Pioneer
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From the History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884.
Rainsburg, PA

It is impossible to state who was the first settler within the limits of the town (of Rainsburg). But one of the first comers, if not the pioneer, was James Donahoe. He located here prior to 1800, and thenceforth, until his removal to Southamption township in 1815, was engaged in keeping store, carrying on the hotel business and running a tannery. The water-right for the tannery was deeded to him in 1800, so that it is probable he was not here long before that time. The house which he built is still standing, and is now the oldest stricture in the town. An addition was built to it in 1822, by John Gump. The building, renovated and modernized, is now the dwelling-house of Mr. A. C. James.

…from another page about Beans Cove, PA

James Donahoe, the first representative of this family, settled in the cove (Southampton Twp.) in 1815. Fifty-four of his descendants now live in the cove. No one family have done more for this section of the county than they. A fuller record of them appears elsewhere. Francis Donahoe is one of the prominent farmers. The building of the Catholic church (Church of the Seven Dolars) was quite largely due to his enterprise and public spirit.
(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, Waterman, Watkins and Co., Chicago, 1884, p. 356.)

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