Anne d'la Blanchtai


Walk of life:
Jefferson Award Winner State Representative, State of Vermont
Biographical details:

Anne was born March 20, 1956, in Burlington, Vt., daughter of John Clarke Donahue, Jr. and Christiane d’Vitry.
Anne graduated from Boston College in 1978 with a bachelor degree in philosophy and political science; she earned a juris doctorate from Georgetown University in 1981.
She then when to work for Covenant House, the largest privately funded child care agency in the United States, located in Brooklyn, New York. She served as program director until 1988.
In 1988, she became the first executive director of the organization’s Los Angeles program.
In 1990 she earned a Jefferson Award, along with Jimmie Carter, Colin Powell, and Jaime Esclantae.
In 1990 Anne moved to Northfield, Vt, where there are Donahue family roots back five generations.
From 1991 through 1996, Anne taught middle school science in Winooski, Vt.
She was diagnosed with clinical depression, now in remission.
She has been a mental health advocate since then and has served as the editor of Counterpoint, a publication of Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Inc.
In 2003, Anne was elected to the Vermont Assembly, and has served as Representative from Northfield, Moretown, and Roxbury until the present day.

Specific research interests