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Nickname: Amos
Age: 28
Birthday: November 8, 1980
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Lives In: MacMasters Beach, New South Wales, Australia

"Amee Donohoe was born in Sydney, Australia, and showed promise in the water from the get-go. The progressive natural-footer made her way onto the scene in 1996, winning 1st place in the Rusty Gromfest. That win set her path in motion, and after making a name for herself as a grom, she came onto the ASP World Tour in 2002. After a brief stint at the elite level where she enjoyed moderate success, Donohoe failed to requalify in 2005, yet the persevering youngster embarked on a free-surfing pilgrimage, refining her skills before injuring her knee.

Following an intensive surgery and an 18-month rehabilitation, Donohoe bounced back and regained her position amongst the elite in 2007. Last season saw Amee take on both the established veterans and the fresh crop of rookies with style, punch and bite, and with a solid seed in 2008, look for the reignited Donohoe to continue turning heads amongst the world’s elite." –

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