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WWII ace pilot and licensed real estate broker
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Major Archie Donahue’s reputation preceded him when he began training a new generation of U.S. Marine pilots to operate the Vought F4U-1D Corsair from aircraft carriers in 1944. At the ripe old age of 26, he was one of the early birds who had fought the Japanese in the Solomon Islands, enough in itself for the newer squadron members to regard "the Old Man," as they called him, with reverence. Moreover, Donahue was one of only seven Marines credited with downing five enemy planes in one day—a distinction that may have been marred by one being listed as a "probable," but which he would make up for later with a second quintuple victory. Regardless, it was Donahue’s reputation as a battle-seasoned flight leader that impressed his squadron mates the most. "The guys liked to fly with him," said Philip S. Wilmot, "because they knew Archie always came home." "Before each mission Archie used to put coins in a Buddha on his desk," recalled Charles H. Hodson. "He said it covered all the luck we’d need."

Archie Donahue: WWII Ace Pilot

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