United States
Walk of life:
First woman to knock out a World heavyweight boxing champion and the first person to knock out John L. Sullivan.
Biographical details:

Hessie Donahue knocked out John L Sullivan, the Boston Strong Boy, who held the world heavyweight boxing crown. She was married to Charles Converse who ran a school for boxers in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1892 Sullivan was touring theatres, boxing with several sparring partners and as an extra attraction, Hessie, who was well acquainted with the sport, was invited to spar with him. They worked out an act and one night in the third round he caught her a hard blow to the face. Seething with anger she lashed out with a right to the jaw and the world champion hit the canvass where he stayed for a full minute. It caused a sensation and it was decided to keep the knock-out in the act. It continued for several months until he defended his title against ‘Gentleman Jim Corbett’ and was knocked out for the first time in his career by a man

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