Finguine Beag (Finneen, Florence)

O Donoghue

Walk of life:
Prominent member of the Duiv branch of the O Donoghues of the Glen in the 18th Century. Tenacious and effective opponent of the English Estblishment.
Biographical details:

Finguine Beag was the third son of Domhnal Duiv O Donoghue of the O Donoghue of the Glen royal line and Honora McCauliffe. His niece was Mauire ni Dhuibh, grandmother of Daniel O Connell, the Liberator. Finneen was
much feared by the Establishment, making life difficult for them in Killarney and Glenflesk. He married Catherine Barry in 1711 and lived in Killeen Townland.

Specific research interests