Walk of life:
Pennsylvania State Legislator, Surveyor, Farmer
Biographical details:

William Donahoe was born in Bean’s Cove, PA to Patrick Donahoe and Ann McAtee on July 12, 1839. In addition to a common school education, obtained in the schools of his district, he attended school at the Allegheny Seminary, and there learned surveying, which knowledge he afterward perfected under the tutelage of his father while in the field. He has since done considerable surveying in the interim of his labors on the farm.

In addition to filling several township offices, he, in 1880 was elected to the state legislature on the Democratic ticket, and filled this office with credit to himself and the entire satisfaction of his constituents. He refused the renomination to this office in order to devote himself to the prosecution of his private business, which is largely farming, he having purchased the parental estate, where he now resides, and is one of the energetic, prosperous farmers of his township. He is also quite extensively engaged in handling tanbark, from which business he has derived quite a large revenue.

October 22, 1876 he was united in marriage to Anna, daughter of Samuel Whip, of Centerville, and they have one daughter, Mary. The Donahoes are members of the Catholic church.

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