Robert W.


Walk of life:
Regional Director Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service Promoted sound and stable labor-management relationships
Biographical details:

Born in Spartanburg, S>C> Bob Donnahoo was a service representative and organizer in the Textile Workers Union. He then became a mediator and Technical Advisor in the Mediation Service. He became Regional Director of the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service in 1954 and participated in the negotiations of national agreements and collective bargaining, mediation and voluntary arbitration as the preferred process for settling issues between large and small corporations and the steelworkers, electrical, radio and machine workers, machinists and aerospace workers, coal and mine workers and many others.
Bob Donnahoo was a member of the Advisory Board to Burlington County College, President of the Federal Center Federal Credit Union, President of Federal Business Association, charter member of the Society of Professionals in dispute Resolution, member of the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board of Region Four and a charter member of the Senior Executive Service of the United States. Bob Donnahoo was given the "Spirit of Life" award by the City of Hope Medical Center which paid tribute to a man who earned universal respect through a life of commitment to action and to the mutual understanding of labor and management.

Specific research interests