Walk of life:
NYPD Patrolman killed in the line of duty.
Biographical details:

Patrolman Donohue was attacked and killed by a man he had arrested several times prior. The suspect was a frequent customer at an unsavory saloon on 1st street. The suspect and several others had taken exception to the fact that Patrolman Donohue had arrested them on several occasions for disorderly behavior.

On the night in question, a group of 13 men, headed up by the suspect waited for Patrolman Donohue to approach. When he did they began singing vulgar songs. Patrolman Donohue ordered them to stop and they did. When Patrolman Donohue turned to leave, the suspect struck him on the head with a heavy cart ring, killing him. Other officers arrested the suspect on the scene. He was convicted of murder and executed on December 6, 1872.

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