If you were to attend a beginner’s class on how to build your family tree online, it would almost certainly focus a lot on Ancestry.com. Classes for experienced genealogists would move beyond this to more obscure websites and specialized websites for certain types of genealogy. But, for beginners just getting started with conducting genealogy online, building their online family tree and doing it accurately are usually the main goals. With these things, you will find Ancestry.com truly excels more than any other site on the internet.

Ancestry.com has the easiest family tree–building interface, and it connects you to other records and other family trees that might have additional information on the people you are researching. It also lets other researchers find you and reach out to exchange information. Other genealogy websites don’t offer as much in the way of genealogical resources and opportunities to contact other people who may be researching your line. Ancestry must be the primary focus. A beginner can get thorough with researching their family tree and building that tree online using just Ancestry.com before they may need to branch out to other websites. If you’re a beginner to genealogy and are looking for a comprehensive guide to building your online family tree, here’s what you need to know.

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