If you’re just getting started with genealogy, it might surprise you how truly global your history is. That’s the case with most people, especially when living in modern countries to which immigrants have historically traveled.

While learning more about your local family history is fun, sometimes you just want to really dig down to your roots, and that means traveling. If you’re headed to another continent – say, Europe, which is a very common destination for those interested in genealogy – to find out more about your past, though, be aware that it may not be as easy to dig into as at home, so you should make a targeted plan and prepare for each step.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to getting started with genealogy and traveling to Europe to do research, this is it. We’ll talk about exactly what genealogy is, why you might want to get started with it, and how you go about planning travel and researching your history in other countries. So whip out your notebook and let’s get started. 

Specific research interests