In this issue
• A personal message
• Society developments
• Irish settlement in South Africa in the nineteenth century
• Kamarooka to Gallipoli: A tribute to Martin O’Donoghue’s bravery
• The Squire’s last harvest in the hills
• The O’Donoghues of Ross – a personal reflection
• The Milesian Myth and the Scythian Connection
• Violet Evangeline O’Donoghue – suffragette
• O’Donoghues in the News
• O’Donoghue Recipes
• Society gathering in Melbourne, Australia
• Snippets
‘Yellow Jack’ Donohue in Montgomery, Pennsylvania
O’Donoghue versus United States (1933)
South Haven Pier Light, Michigan
History of the Omaha Police
Online map archive: An Irish genealogist’s pot of gold
John G. Myers Department Store Building Collapse, Albany, New York
• The Y-DNA project

Specific research interests