In this issue
• A personal message
• Society developments
• The Fenians and the events to the War of Independence
• Oral and literary influences on the O’Donoghues Duff from 1641 to the present day
• The saga of the Molly Maguires and Yellow Jack Donahoe
• ‘Pure Celt is he’ John Talbott Donoghue – Artist
• Pat Donahue and the World’s Smallest St Patrick’s Day Parade
• O’Donoghues in the News
• O’Donoghue Recipes
• Snippets
O’Donohue picnic ground and track
O’Donoghue’s Bridge, Tralee
Donoho Family Reunion
Election expenses from 1950
Rex vs Donahoo
St Michael’s parish, Philadelphia
• The Y-DNA project

Specific research interests