The following information I found from the 1851 census of SIDNEY Township, ONATRIO, CANADA (although I have just started my research I believe I am a descendant of this family): Head of Household was Edward aged 47 born in Ireland, wife was Maria aged 45 (maiden name unknown) born in Ireland. They had 7 children and at that time all were single. The following four children were born in the US: Ann aged 20, Edward aged 18, Michael aged 16, John aged 13 (this is who I believe is my 2x grandfather). The following three children were all born in SIDNEY Township: Hannah aged 10, Elanor aged 8, and Maria aged 6. In addition, my grandfathers name was Edward John Donohue or Donahue. My grandfather was born approximately 1889 and was married twice. His first wife may of been a lady named Annie McCullough(although I am not positive) I do know he was married twice. His second wife my grandmother was Lena Sharkey. They were married on Oct 25, 1917 in MADOC, ONTARIO, CANADA. My fathers name is Donald Stafford Donahue and he was born on July 29, 1927 the youngest of six children. I am interested in finding out if in fact Edward Donoghue is a direct relative, where and when he arrived in North America, the maiden name of his wife, where in the US they were before coming to Canada. Based on the age of the children the earliest he could of arrived in North America was 1831, and the earliest he could of moved up to Canada was 1838. I am also interested in what part of Ireland both Edward and Maria came from, and any relatives these two people had. I can be contacted at

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