My name is Mary Cross nee Donoghue, I was born in London and registered in Kensington.
I was evacuated to Norfolk uk, in 1941, just five months after I was born.
I took my mums name which was Donoghue my mums name was Cathleen Donoghue,
mum had a sister Margaret, they lived at 22 Pennant Mews in Kensington in 1941. Margaret was living/or married to a Jack Smith I dont know how old Margaret was.
My mum was 23 when I was born on 7 May 1941 at
St Mary’s Abbots Kensington,

"My mum moved to Edgbaston Birmingham in 1943, she was on the electoral roll in 1947-48.
She was still unmarried in 1947/48"

I really am quite desperate to find out about my family, I would like to know if my mother married and had children, where she went to live, and where did the family come from!!

I was fostered by a couple living in Shopham Road Great Hockam Norfolk.

Cathleen was working as a waitress at 17 Harrington Gardens, she was taken from there to St Mary Abbots (or St Andrews Bow Kensington) to have me, there is also another address connected with Kathleen, that is 11 Arundell Gardens West 11, it is not known if that is another place that she worked, she also worked in munitions.

It seems that Cathleen was born in 1919 poss in Ireland, it is known that the family were Irish but at this time it is not known if Cathleen was also born there. They were Irish Catholics.

I am not out to cause any upset, I just really need to know where I came from, where my roots lie, and if I have any living relations. I do hope that there might be someone who can conect with the information I have given, many many thanks for reading this far.
Mary Cross nee Donoghue

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