Born (between approx. 1825 – 1835) in either Killarney or Kerry, Ireland. Moved to Manchester, Lincolnshire, England sometime before 1846, where his third child was born. His children were: James, Thomas, William Hardy. Then they moved to the Philadelphia area. He fought in the Civil War. He died sometime after 1861….His grandchildren: Thomas H. Donahue 1872-1941, William J. Donahue 1873 – ? Elizabeth J. Donahue 1876-1921, Edward Donahue 1878-1878, Benjamin F. Donahue 1880-1965 (had 2 children)…some great-grandchildren: Thomas H. (Harbison) Donahue III 1902-1946 (3 children), Frank R. Donahue 1907 – ? (1 child Jonathan Hill), Elizabeth E. Donahue(Ross/Olsen) 1912-1988)….some great-great grandchildren: Thomas Harbison Donahue III c. 1931 – c. 1995 (son Thomas Harbison Donahue IV c.1967-

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