Thaddeus Donoughae and Bridget Meara of Garrane or Grawn married on 18 Feb 1833 in Toomevara Roman Catholic Church, Tipperary witnesses were Ann Meara & Morgan Donoughoe.
Bridget and Thaddeus Sr.had six children baptized in Toomevara Roman Catholic Parish County Tipperary.
William Donohu of Grawn b. 10 Feb 1834 sponsor Pat Donohu and An Meara
Stephen Donohue of Girane b. 3 Feb 1836 sponsor Margaret Donoughoe and William Meara
Patrick Donohoe of Garrane b. 16 Nov 1843 sponsor William Meara and Ann Meara
Mary Donohue of Garnane b. 6 Oct 1844 sponsor John Kennedy and Bridget Donohu
Honor Donohoe of Garrane b. 7 July 1847 sponsor Denis Carty and Margaret Russel
Thaddeus Donohoue of Grawn b. 18 May 1849 sponsor William Quirk and Peggy Meara

I am trying to locate my ancestral village and determine if this family is a match to mine. It is unknown if Thaddeus Sr. migrated to America but if this is the same family Bridget (son of Stephen Maher) and her two sons Stephen Donahue and Thaddeus (aka Timothy) Donahue migrated to Waterbury, CT around 1865 and lived at32 Ayers Street. While in the U.S. Stephen Donahue married a Mary Anne Kelly. Timothy Donahue (Thaddeus?) married a Catherine Lynch. Bridget Meara Donahue died 24 Oct 1880 in Waterbury CT. Timothy Donahue Jr. died 25 April 1895 in Waterbury, CT. Stephen Donahue died 13 Jan 1920 in Waterbury, CT. All vital records found in the U.S. only list Ireland as their place of origin.

If the two families are the same Bridget and her two sons would not have died or be buried in Ireland.

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