Peter Robinson supervised Irish immigration to Ontario in 1823 and 1825. The emigrants settled the area of Bathurst and Newcastle districts, particularly townships in Peterborough County and Lanark County, and Huntley Township in Carleton County. The emigration was from southern Ireland (sailing from Cove (Cork)
Passenger lists: Irish emigrants proceeding to Canada to be settled at the expense of His Majesty’s Government under the superintendence of Mr. Peter Robinson, from Cove of Cork to Quebec, aboard the Hebe and Stakesby, 1823; Albion, Amity, Brunswick, Elizabeth, Fortitude, John Barry, Regulus, Resolution and Star 1825 Gives names of family members, ages, occupation, former place of residence; except the 1823 lists which give only names and ages Most of these groups settled in Lanark and Peterborough Counties, Ontario
National Archives of Canada reference: MG 24 B 74, I-4 and I-5, microfilm reel M-141
This collection contains other files relating to these settlers, eg. applications to emigrate, embarkation certificates, reports by ships’ surgeons, locations of land, ration books, etc. (microfilm reels M-140 and M-141) web site:


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