Attached are the O’Donoghue (+ variants) extracts from the Ryerson Index of contemporary death notices and obituaries from Australian newspapers (87 newspapers). The site address is:

The attached spreadsheet covers the names available through the “Search the Index” command, which was last updated on 15 January 2003. Later notices are available via the “Browse the Index” command (last updated 14 November 2004), but I have not done this as it would become too confusing. The Ryerson Index home page contains all necessary information on the format of the entries and guidance for where to look next if desired. The red pins indicate that extra information has been added to an entry usually by family historians. There do not seem to be many separate obituary entries and members should be able to search these quite readily using the above link.

Users should be warned that all care is taken with transcription but that the originals should always be checked where possible.

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