The story of Chief Donnahoo Donnahoo

Every so often I wander the net looking for stories about our name I came across this one on Donnahoo Donnahoo (abt.1690-abt.1752) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree ‘Chief Donahoo was claimed as a Cherokee ancestor by a group of about 800 people when they filed Eastern Cherokee applications for a share of $4 million owed […]

Beyond 2022 Project – an amazing development

Many of you may be aware of this ambitious project to recreate virtually the records lost in the 1922 Four Courts fire. For those who aren’t, go to Home – Beyond 2022 | Ireland’s Virtual Record Treasury When I think of what was available when I first started genealogy in around 1990 (pulling big books […]

Robert Bruce Donoho and his expenses and birthdays journal

Submitted by Jess Donoho I was just gifted a journal whereby my grandfather, Robert Bruce Donoho, itemized every expense he incurred between 1953 and 1958.  In the back there was a list of important birthdays. I submit these to you as they may have some bearing on your own genealogy study. Robert Bruce Donoho was […]

Ola loa: Long life, longevity

The 1960’s in America was a time when youth culture was changing rapidly. The influence was seen in art, music, literature, film, and fashion. The emergent and popular surfing lifestyle drew people from across the mainland.  It gave youth a sense of identity, freedom, and rebellion unlike anything their parents experienced. Merreley Donohue grew up […]

1821 census re-indexed for parts of Cavan still available

Great improvements made to indexation of these remaining census records available Go to National Archives – More Search Options to see if the parishes shown are interesting to you There are families of Donocho in Corleslee and Aughnaglogh townland Annagelliff parish Donohoe in Castlerahan, Kenawley, Munterconaght and Lurgan parishes And lots of Donoho in many […]

Finding hundreds of photos on people of our name on Ancestry

I am reacquainting myself with after having been away from it for several years while writing my book on the Quaker Exile of 1777. should take you to all the photos online at which have the name Donoghue attached to them on public trees on I thought maybe it might be […]

Bernard Donohoe becomes Bernard Benjamin Montague Dunchue, how/why/when? – HELP

HELP I need HELP- PLEASE.     I have been endeavouring to research the mystery surrounding the DUNCHUE family background off and on for forty years and possible you may remember the two articles I have written, especially the one entitled Bernard Benjamin Montague Dunchue Mystery Man.   I have resumed my research as a Memorial to my […]