Mary O’Donoghue’s seven witnesses

From ‘The Irish of New Jersey’ ‘The will of Patrick Donahu (also recorded Donoho) dated March 6, 1756, was probated in Morris County on September 20, 1757, by Daniel Cooper, his sole heir and executor.99  This name was represented in New Jersey at a very early date, in the person of Mary O’Donoghue. In Burlington […]

Finding hundreds of photos on people of our name on Ancestry

I am reacquainting myself with after having been away from it for several years while writing my book on the Quaker Exile of 1777. should take you to all the photos online at which have the name Donoghue attached to them on public trees on I thought maybe it might be […]

Bernard Donohoe becomes Bernard Benjamin Montague Dunchue, how/why/when? – HELP

HELP I need HELP- PLEASE.     I have been endeavouring to research the mystery surrounding the DUNCHUE family background off and on for forty years and possible you may remember the two articles I have written, especially the one entitled Bernard Benjamin Montague Dunchue Mystery Man.   I have resumed my research as a Memorial to my […]

New database for Catholic Family History Society

I am a member of this society and they have uploaded 'The Margaret Higgins Database of Catholics in England and Their Friends : 1607-1840' on the society web site The Introduction alone is worth a read and contains this paragraph "A word of warning!  If the researcher is able to use the software, Microsoft Access, […]

First white child born in Jefferson Township

From Winona Republican-Herald, Dec 10, 1942;   Jefferson Township is in Houston County, MN  The History of Houston County MN says thus: “The first births in the township of which there are any record were those of Michael and Patrick Donahue, twin sons of Patrick Donahue. They were born in July, 1856. Their father Patrick Donahue was […]

Why my name is spelled Donahue

Contributed by Mike Donahue My g-grandfather, Patrick O'Donoghue immigrated to Chicago to join his brother, Michael in the late 1850s. The brothers settled in a neighborhood called Bridgeport on Chicago's south side; they raised their families living next door to each other. All official records of the two brothers and their families, census, city directories, […]

A father’s love for his son

Contributed by Michael O'Donoghue I thought I would send a series of photos I have just framed.  It was only a few years ago I saw this pattern of photos. The first photo is of my Grandfather John Patrick ODONOGHUE with my father Owen. The second photo is of me with my father and the […]

Why our name is spelt Donahue

Contributed by Tom Donahue My grandfather Patrick Donohue, who came to the US around 1850,  was born In Kilmuckridge in Wexford. He was illiterate when he became a US citizen in 1860 so the application for citizenship is marked by his 'X'. Years later my father researched this application and noted that the Presiding Judge […]