The man and his pony up on the ridge

This photo was taken at Maleny, Qld, I am actually on the Balmoral Ridge Lookout, and the background is the Sunshine Coast. Unfortunately it was an overcast day, usually one can see ships sailing in the background. Contributed by Frank Donohoe

O’Donoghues visit Ross Castle…from Australia

From Michael O’Donoghue in Australia One of our highlights of our recent trip to Ireland was a visit to the O’Donoghue Ross Castle at Killarney. We did a paid tour of the castle which was excellent.  It was a small group of 12 people. The host asked everyone to introduce themselves and she was delighted […]

The O’Donoghue rising from the lake on a motor bike…now in colour

  From Frank Donohoe “I attach a shot of the completed mural and bike for you to post to The O’Donoghue Society blog. As you see the mural is a tribute to Bob White to whom I am a close DNA relative. It was through the generosity of the White Family that we were able […]

The story of a replacement O’Donoghue People and Places

While I was away recently I received an order for a copy of O’Donoghue People and Places from Kevin Donahoe I wrote to aplogise for the delay in posting the book Kevin replied “Hi, it’s not an issue at all. I actually have had your book for years, and still have it. My grandmother bought […]

67 years a member of the Porsche Club of America

I am a member of the Porsche Club of America. It is an automobile club made up of owners of Porsches living in the United States and Canada. I believe it has the largest membership of any auto owner’s club in the world. In the latest edition of the club magazine, I read that the […]

O’Donoghue rising from the lake on a motorbike!

G’day Rod, You may vaguely know me as an Aussie member of your Association. I am planning on doing some Airbrush design on a spare tank for my motorbike, and was wondering if you could give me your blessing to use your sketch of “O”Donoghue Rising from the Lake”, as the Theme for the design. […]

O’Donoghue’s in Aberdeen

We all know O’Donoghue’s in Merrion Row, Dublin and some time ago we did a piece on all the pubs with our name. But I am sure we missed O’Donoghue’s in Aberdeen

A new way of detecting pickpockets

John Savage was charged before a London magistrate, with endeavouring to steal a pocket handkerchief, belonging to Thomas Donahue, M.D., of Suffolk Place, Pall-mall. The prosecutor stated that, having for three days running been plundered of his pocket handkerchief, he had considered the best way of detecting the thief, and at last hit upon the […]