An O’Donoghue sea slug

  Flabellina rubrolineata (Genus: O’Donoghue, 1929) is found in the tropical and subtropical Indian and Pacific Oceans.  It is really quite beautiful, and if you want to have a look at it go to The O’Donoghue genus has many other varieties First published in the October 2001 Society Journal Contributed by Rod O’Donoghue  

An O’Donoghue pantomime

    From ‘The Memoirs of Sir Charles Cameron’ ‘I have seen dozens of pantomimes, but only one of them made a permanent impression upon me; that was one entitled “O’Donoghue of the Lakes,” produced in 1840 in the Theatre Royal, which was then under the management of Mr. Calcraft. The scenery was magnificent. The […]

Lost on the Titanic

Two died on the Titanic according to Who died on the Titanic? Complete list passengers and crew victims ( Florence Thomas (aka Frank) Donoghue born 1880 in Tiernaboul, Killarney.  He was a bedroom steward who perished Bridget Donohoe was born in Cum, Addergoole, Co. Mayo in 1891.  She was a third class passenger who died […]

Mrs O’Donahue keeps NASA going

This story appears in Bill Bryson’s book ‘Down Under’ – he is in Western Australia. ‘I also learned the happy story of Mrs Lilian O’Donahue who was a telephone operator here in the days before automated telephone exchanges. At Carnarvon up the road was a big satellite dish that NASA used until the 1970s to […]

O’Donoghues in Fiction

In January 2004 journal I ran an article with this title adn showed how our name has been used in fiction In JB Turner’s Hard….. series featuring Jon Reznick, Bill O’Donoghue is Director of the FBI

Proud rapparees in Ireland, USA and Australia

I am a close Y-DNA relative to Tighe O’Donohue and keep loosely in touch with Elizabeth in our family quest. We are still searching for our common relatives but are pretty close to narrowing down. Years ago Tighe shared with me some great Irish history that the O’Donohue/Mor were true patriots and earned the rowdy […]

The Don’t know whos

A very quick one some might find funny – Growing up in a diverse New York when I was 7 or 8 years old We had a school assignment about our family names , where they came from, and what they meant….. I asked my Dad from Loobridge, Glenflesk, Co. Kerry and he explained to […]