April 2024

In this issue • Newspapers and family history – A research guide (4) • A Visit to the Donahue Memorial Fountain in San Francisco • Tighe’s Tales: Tale Five • The Irish invented cricket: The O’Donoghue Boys of the Farmyar

January 2024

In this issue The O’Donoghue Society Council renewed. Thomas Crofton-Croker and his O’Donoghue stories: Episode Three Disobedient son’s punishment gives O’Donoghue’s Prison Island its name. Laura Bravo’s trip to these islands The Tales of Tighe O’Donoghue/Ross: Tale Four

April 2023

In this issue Vere-Foster’s Penny Emigrant Guide – ‘Emigration to America’ The Life and Times of my great grandfather, William Henry Dunphy Tighe’s Tales (One)

January 2021

In this issue • A personal message • From Irish Personal Names to Hereditary Surnames, including O’Donoghue • I Hear the Train a Comin’ • 1st LT Harold Donohue and the Hand of God • Half yearly Y-DNA report

October 2023

In this issue The Story of Education in Ireland from earliest times Joseph Corbett (Corb) Donohue Jr. and a life in music Thomas Crofton-Croker and his O’Donoghue stories: Episode Two Tighe’s Tales: Onaght Ó Donnchadha

July 2023

In this issue Tribute to Tighe O’Donoghue/Ross Tighe’s Tales – Two Thomas Crofton-Croker and his O’Donoghue Stories: Episode One

January 2023

In this issue The Irish Origins of Placenames associated with the O’Donoghues in East Kerry Inspiring American royalty The clachan, the Rundale system and the booley The Y-DNA Report

October 2022

In this issue Exploring records in the Registry of Deeds – a research guide (3) Martin J O’Donohoe, businessman and politician: A life sadly cut short The Townlands and other place names of the Glenflesk area: In English, Irish and their meaning

July 2022

In this issue The Aghadoe Crosier: A Difference of Opinion & A Reasoned Approach The Donoghue Tinners: Four Generations of 19th– & 20th-century Tinsmiths in Southeastern Pennsylvania Why did ‘Old Bill’ walk from Cork to Dublin?

April 2022

In this issue MacDonogh, Donaghy, O’Donoghue, Donohoe – the cross overs (Part Two): An extended review Andrew O’Donohue, the story of a young Clare man at a critical time in Irish history (Part Two) A Joining of Don*hues