Donagh O’Donoghue obituary: Celebrated patron of Galway’s Druid Theatre

Towering figure in Galway’s arts and academia world took drama as seriously as business Donagh O’Donoghue’s association with NUI Galway continues posthumously through the O’Donoghue Centre for Theatre, Drama and Performance which opened in 2017 and was funded by his philanthropic donation Sat Jun 19 2021 Born: March 13th, 1944 Died: May 30th, 2021 Donagh O’Donoghue, businessman, […]

James Patrick O’Donoghue’s patent is worth a good blow on his trumpet

I do not like to blow my own horn, but I am getting older and sometimes it is good to leave a record of some accomplishment somewhere. I invented this Magnetic Levitation Prototype System  back in the early to mid 1990s.  It has since then become cited by at least 24 other patented inventions.  20 […]

Smell the roses

I was listening to the radio last week and I heard about a new Dannahue rose Dannahue | English Shrub Rose | David Austin Roses Except if I heard the conversation right it was meant to be a Donahue rose Anyway it is really very beautiful

Another O’Donoghue of Fiction

In Geoffrey Archer’s book Scorpion Trail the hero meets the girlfriend, Lorna Donohue, of his time in Belfast during the Troubles. But now, nearly 20 years later, he is in the Bosnian War trying to track down a merciless killer. Scorpion Trail (

Covid-19: Tributes paid to ‘big daddy’ of renal medicine

Covid-19: Tributes paid to ‘big daddy’ of renal medicine Published 5 January 2021 A professor known as the “big daddy of British renal medicine” has died with coronavirus, it has been confirmed. IMAGE SOURCE,KIDNEY CARE UK Image caption, Prof O’Donoghue’s daughter-in-law said the world was “poorer without him in it” Prof Donal O’Donoghue, who was […]

The man and his pony up on the ridge

This photo was taken at Maleny, Qld, I am actually on the Balmoral Ridge Lookout, and the background is the Sunshine Coast. Unfortunately it was an overcast day, usually one can see ships sailing in the background. Contributed by Frank Donohoe

O’Donoghues visit Ross Castle…from Australia

From Michael O’Donoghue in Australia One of our highlights of our recent trip to Ireland was a visit to the O’Donoghue Ross Castle at Killarney. We did a paid tour of the castle which was excellent.  It was a small group of 12 people. The host asked everyone to introduce themselves and she was delighted […]

The O’Donoghue rising from the lake on a motor bike…now in colour

  From Frank Donohoe “I attach a shot of the completed mural and bike for you to post to The O’Donoghue Society blog. As you see the mural is a tribute to Bob White to whom I am a close DNA relative. It was through the generosity of the White Family that we were able […]