Launch Day 2 – all about the blog

Ours is intended to be a collaborative blog.
I have distinguished between our forums, the blog and the journal as follows

  •          The forums, under Communications and Community, are for family history enquiries and responses as now, where people are looking for someone, some place or something.
  •         The blogs are for reporting or discussing something or some subject.
  •         The journal is for longer well-researched articles usually, but not exclusively, of a historical or genealogical nature.

The first two will be in real time, whereas the journal will continue to be issued quarterly.
I have set up some sub-groups in the Blog to give an initial framework to the contributions, but anyone can suggest a different subject and I will create a new sub-group.
O'Donoghues in the News and Snippets from the Journal will now be covered in the Blog.
Please contribute to create a lively set of discussions.

Specific research interests