EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Update 2 emailed May 21

This note tells you where I have got to in implementing GDPR.  I have been working at this for over two months!  I will not meet the required date of May 25.  The task has been enormous for a one-man band such as our society.  If anyone feels inclined to report me to the EU High Command, be my guest…The society’s real work has been on hold in the interim which really ticks me off.

1.         I have carried out all the necessary review steps recommended by the UK Information Commissioners Office.
2.         I have sent a note to everyone on the mailing list asking for their confirmation that they want to continue to receive emails from the society.
3.         I have rewritten the society’s privacy policy which is on the web site.
4.         I have rewritten the society’s terms and conditions which is also on the web site.

In relation to 1 these are the facts

The mailing list totalled 1550 on May 3
•           158 responded asking to be kept on the list.  To those folk, thanks.
•           216 email addresses were rejected for various reasons:
–           you spammed the society (if you use the office email that happens automatically in most cases),
–           you changed your email address and didn’t update your Personal Profile or didn’t tell me,
–           you forgot your previous registration (or log in/password) and re-registered with a different email address,
–           plus a few other more obscure reasons.
•           1176 didn’t respond.

For rejections the individuals will be deleted from the data base.

For non-responders.  For those who have not visited the web site in the last five years I will delete you from the data base.  If you have visited the site in the last five years I will send a chaser. If I receive no response again, I will delete your whole entry from the data base.  Of course if you would like to respond to this email you will save me another job!

All this admin is a real p-i-t-a.  So much has had to go on the back burner.  But the beneficial outcome is that the data base will be much more current which is good.  You could say that I should have done some of this a long time ago – point taken!

Cheer up, Rod, I hear someone say, the sun’s shining somewhere….

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