EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Update 3 May 25

Thanks to those kind people who have said nice things about my efforts with The O’Donoghue Society.  They are much appreciated.

Today, May 25, is GDPR Deadline Day.  At least it is for some!  Listening to the UK Information Commissioner Office’s chief on the radio this morning it appears I am not alone in my bad behaviour.  I am encouraged that she will not be coming after me in the near future because I am ‘making best efforts’. 

The latest stats are

The mailing list totalled 1550 on May 3
•           208 (up from 158 on May 21) responded asking to be kept on the list.  To those folk, thanks.
•           216 email addresses were rejected for various reasons listed on May 21.  It happens, I am as guilty as the next person.
•           1126 haven’t responded.  To you I say, nice to have known you and goodbye.

Over the next few months I will be deleting rejections and non-responders from the mailing list, but will leave their personal and family history info on the data base.  I respectfully suggest that as you put up this data voluntarily, you can delete it if you feel so inclined.

What a shame legislators never seem able to differentiate between those things and organisations that matter and should be acted upon, and those entities that are immaterial in the scheme of things – it’s called judgement.  I didn't unduly influence you to join the society, you chose to.

You will be pleased to learn that this is the last time that you will hear from me on this subject.  However it has increased my email performance to three per month from my normal one!

I am sure the tone of this email has been influenced by my very poor golf yesterday morning…but the sun did shine…briefly.



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