Launch Day 4 – all about the family history research service

We recognise that our members' primary objective is to progress their personal family history.  We now have the capability to help with actual research.
This new programme is led by Brendan O'Donoghue, a leading Irish genealogist.  He has worked for over 16 years researching his own family tree and helping others research theirs.
We are fortunate that we have an O'Donoghue of Brendan's experience to lead a team who have volunteered to help the society's subscribing members with their family history projects.  The volunteers benefit from Brendan's guidance.
Between us we have access to many of the mainstream online genealogical services.
The initial contact will be with Brendan and he will brief one of the ten volunteers from Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA who will liaise with the member while keeping Brendan informed.

Specific research interests