Launch Day 7: Week One report

The new site has been very well received.  Thanks to all the folk who have given me input.
Our re-activated presence on Facebook has engendered increased interest, so that's good.
We have had very few issues with the site reported

  •  A few people have been unable to login due to password rejection.  This has been caused by problems in the transfer of passwords from the old site.  When I have been informed it has been easily corrected.
  • The password recovery module has not worked for some people and we will have a look at that and sort it out
  • The placing of pins on the Meet an O'Donoghue map has given problems. It was fine during testing, as my pin testifies, but now has a bug.  This will be fixed.

Please continue to give me comments and let me know of any issues.
It was my intention that Useful genealogical links would be available to both guests and members.  Currently only available to members – my fault, will be changed.
So, on the whole, good progress might be our school report.
I will start using the News feature on the site to communicate from now on, so please make it one of your daily visits.  If you click on Read all news you can get behind the one-liners.  In future I will email when I need to ensure I get to everyone.

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