The O’Donoghue County Clusters Project

Purpose To determine where O’Donoghue (however spelt) clusters exist in each county (ultimately to try to relate them to our DNA clusters) To enable the recording of data on O’Donoghue cases from primary sources To create a data base of entries in the sources for members’ family history research The project will be in two […]

The Ó Donojús of Spain

The objective is a biography of Juan Ó Donojú and his family in the context of the history of the time. A further goal would then be to show what happened to the family over the following generations to the extent we can.  

Current status
Laura Bravo wrote the following journal articles
July 2015 The Adventures of Juan O Donoju (Part One)
October 2015 The Adventures of Juan O Donoju (Part Two): General Tomas O Donoju – his brother
January 2016 The Adventures of Juan O Donoju (Part Three): Mariana O Donoju, his sister, and the Irish in Seville, Spain

Irish naming practices

There are many aspects to this subject

  • the same names through the generations according to paternal/maternal and grandparental/parental sequencing
  • local suffixes to distinguish the many people of the same christian and surname ie Sean Bouli
  • short form christian names sequencing ie jerdarbsean

Journal article
Professor Tom Donahue – October 2003: Irish naming practices and the O’Donoghues

There are more aspects of this subject that we might pursue


The 1845-52 famine in Kerry

Journal article
Helen O'Donoghue  April 2012 The Famine and our families – Kilgarvan and Tim The Tailor Buckley

Much more could be done on this subject

Historic Irish regiments disbanded in 1922

WW1 saw the final years of regiments such as The Royal Irish Regiment, The Connaught Rangers, The Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment, The Royal Munster Fusiliers and The Royal Dublin Fusiliers.  Their histories go back centuries and are incredible stories in themselves.


O’Donoghue folklore

There are great many folk tales about the Good and the Great O'Donoghue.  This project would try to collect them to create a library for all to access

The Irish Folklore Centre was created in 2011 with the ability to record our favourite stories.  There has been limited input other than by Rod.  A separate area on The O'Donoghue Society web site was set up.  In the future a separate site will try to maintain this area of interest.

Journal articles – all from Rod unless stated
January 2016 – The Man Who Had No Story and the wonderful world of folk-tales
January 2011 – O’Donoghue folk-tales: Fitzgerald and Daniel O' Donohue
October 2009 – The legend of the headless soldier of Donohew’s Lane from Tom Carty
October 2004 – The hero figure in Irish folklore and Donal O'Donoghue
April 2001 – O’Donoghue’s Enchantment
January 2001 – The Legend of O’Donoghue


The Grand Lodge of Ireland is the second most senior Grand Lodge of Freemasons in the world and the oldest in continuous existence, possibly dating back to the sixteenth century.

Have O'Donoghues been involved?


The O’Donoghue Arms

Through this project we will create a new area on the site where the heraldry of our name can be presented.  There have been a number of different arms created over the centuries.

Nic Donahue Bertolero has offered to do the artwork for which we are all extremely grateful, as his work is outstanding.

Consultation will take place with the College of Arms in London (where Peter O'Donoghue is Bluemantle Pursuivant), the Office of the Chief Herald in Dublin and of course our patron The O'Donoghue of the Glens

A new area on the society web site has been created with all known heraldic arms being displayed and the history told
There are still a few outstanding questions


O'Donoghues of all spellings have made great contributions in many spheres all over the world.  The purpose of this project is to produce brief biographies of their lives.  It is not just the famous we are aiming at, some of the most enjoyable stories are in the lives of everyday people as we have proved

Biographies produced to date

April 2001 Amanda Donohoe
July 2001 Patrick Donahoe
October 2001 Daniel O'Donoghue
January 2002 Lowitja O'Donoghue
October 2002 Sylvester O'Donoghue
October 2002 Michael Donohue
April 2003 Ann O'Donoghue
July 2003 Kathleen Donohue Donahue
January 2004 Bridget O'Donoghue
April 2004 Steve Donoghue
July 2004 Thomas Scott Donahue
January 2005 Professor Thomas Donahue
January 2005 Bold Jack Donahoe
April 2005 Brian Joseph O'Donoghue
July 2005 General Michael T Donohoe
January 2006 John O'Donoghue
April 2006 Brother Ralph and Doctor F.G.Donehoo
July 2006 John W Donihue
October 2006 Violet Evangeline O'Donoghue
January 2007 Lieutenant Colonel John William O'Donoghue
April 2007 Yellow Jack Donahue
April 2007 John Talbott Donoghue
April 2007 Pat Donahue
July 2007 James Edmund O'Donoghue
October 2007 John O'Donohoe
January 2009 Rev Edward Geoffrey O’Donoghue B. A. (The Caring Curate)
April 2009 John Dunphy – lumberman, boat builder, farmer
July 2009 Algernon Charles O’Donoghue – A Sound Man
July 2010 Tim Dunnahoo – Five-Star Chef
October 2010 The Life and Family of Lt Colonel Charles James O’Donoghue 76th ‘Hindoostan’ Regiment of Foot
January 2013 Timothy Shea – a walking encyclopaedia
April 2013 Paud O’Donoghue – “he knew how to live life”
October 2014 to July 2015 The Story of Martin H Donohoe, war correspondent extraordinary
January 2015 Flight Sergeant Norman Dunn (O'Donoghue) and his stage heritage
April 2015 The Very Reverend Father Thomas O'Donoghue
October 2015 He died for Britain – Arthur Gerald Donahue(1913-42)

Next steps

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