O’Donoghue folklore

There are great many folk tales about the Good and the Great O’Donoghue.  This project would try to collect them to create a library for all to access

The Irish Folklore Centre was created in 2011 with the ability to record our favourite stories.  There has been limited input other than by Rod.  Go to irishfolklorecentre.com

Journal articles – all from Rod unless stated

April 2021 The Gaelic Revival and Killarney – with The Return of the O’Donoghue
January 2017 – Donal of the Fetters
October 2016  – The Gold of Spansel Wood
January 2016 – The Man Who Had No Story and the wonderful world of folk-tales
January 2011 – O’Donoghue folk-tales: Fitzgerald and Daniel O’ Donohue
October 2009 – The legend of the headless soldier of Donohew’s Lane from Tom Carty
October 2004 – The hero figure in Irish folklore and Donal O’Donoghue
April 2001 – O’Donoghue’s Enchantment
January 2001 – The Legend of O’Donoghue


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