1880s worldwide census data base

I have this concept of a data base of linked families. A traditional One Name Study in the UK would list all BDMs, Census records, wills etc, but that’s just too tall an order for a worldwide name like ours. However perhaps we can come at it from the middle so to speak.

Thanks to Diane Donohue’s efforts we have the 1881 UK Census and some 1901 on the site. If we could get the same data for other countries at a similarish date we would have a record of all families at that point in time. Then we could ask people to search the data base to find their own families and provide the links where known and the pedigree back as far as they have it (these could go on the existing Genealogical Data area). This would help us with the DNA paper trail as well. The date would have to be fairly recent to make it feasible and 1881 or later would be about right. Once the data base was in place I think we could get quite a bit of momentum going with people searching and connecting.

The 1880 Census is on-line for the US and I am not sure where else, but a small group could take it on. It would provide a central date to work with and then perhaps go from there. It is quite a big project but aren’t they all! If we look at it as a long term project it may not be quite so daunting. People sometimes think things have to be done in a week, but this may take years.

Perhaps if I presented it in small sections on how to go about it, using the 1881 as a basis for people to start with, could it work ? It would certainly be worth while.

Diane also had the thought that Ship Transcript lists – if available for around the 1881 + dates could also be included.

Short term objective
Try to get a team together

Costs Involved
The society will cover any essential costs

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Do regular communications to try to stimulate interest


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