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This register shows all the specific research interests submitted by society researchers. Searches for christian name, surname can be carried out. Click on Surname or Forename for further origin and migration details and on Researcher for contact details.

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Surname Forename Researcher Origin County
Mark Luetkemeyer
(O')Donoghue Patrick John Michael O'Donoghue KER
(O)Donoghue Ellen John Michael O'Donoghue KER
(O)Donoghue Jeremiah John Michael O'Donoghue KER
[O] Donoghue John Margaret Bryden KER
|O'Donoghue William Power System Administrator KER
Any Donahues unknown System Administrator
appleby alice Padon Christine
Bartholomew O'Donoghue Brad Holmes ROS
Bartley Eliza Kaye N Soulsby
Boxall Charlotte Gail E Donhou LOG
Boxall Charlotte Alan Frederick Donhou KEN
Buant? Margaret System Administrator
Burger Patricia Burger Kirkwood
Carbery James Michael O'Donohue WEX
Carey Mary John Michael O'Donoghue KER
Carr Joseph Alan Frederick Donhou DBY
Carr Mary Jane Alan Frederick Donhou LAN
Cassidy Ann Peter Nelson
Clay Theresa System Administrator COR
Connell Mary System Administrator KER
Connor Ellen Davina (Dee) Gilmore-Stewart nee O'Donoghue KER
Connor Ellen Rod O'Donoghue KER
Coombes Catharine Alan Frederick Donhou MDX
Costello Mary Ann System Administrator
Cummiskey Eleanor Karen O'Donoghue
Daniel Donoghue Theresa Kavanagh TIP
David O'Donoghue Leonie O'Donoghue LIM
Dearman James Alan Frederick Donhou HRT
Dearman William Alan Frederick Donhou NTH
Dennehy Margaret System Administrator KER/CLA
Dennis, Sr. Clayton Lexton System Administrator KER
Dodd Elizabeth Alan Frederick Donhou RUT
Donaboe Patrick Thomas Donahue
Donachue (Donaghue) Charles System Administrator TYR
Donaghe Hugh System Administrator DOW
donagho patrick Joan M Gallagher
Donaghoo Michael Vincent O'Donoghue CAV
Donaghue Denis System Administrator COR
Donaghue Albert System Administrator
Donaghue Michael Michael Donaghue
Donaghy Charles System Administrator
Donaghy William Stash Shifflet TYR
Donaho James System Administrator SC
Donaho John System Administrator NC
Donaho David Robert Donnahoo
Donaho Henry John Pennington
Donaho John William dr_chile Tipperary
Donahoe Thomas Alexander Kaye N Soulsby
Donahoe John Cathy Preusser
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