Research Service

We recognise that our members’ primary objective is to progress their personal family history.  We have the capability to help.

We will advise members on their research programme, help to define next steps and if time allows do some actual research.

We are very fortunate to have two experienced genealogists from whose guidance the society benefits:

Brendan O’Donoghue is a leading Irish genealogist.  He has worked for over 15 years researching his own family tree and helping others research theirs.

Brendan has completed an intensive genealogy course at Newpark College, Dublin under the well-known genealogist and author Bob Burke, he has studied genealogy at University College, Dublin

In his professional life, Brendan carries out all forms of custom research in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. He currently works as a research expert at ExpertConnect on  Over 80% of his projects have been carried out in the United States, he specialises in Irish – American research.

We are fortunate that we have an O’Donoghue of Brendan’s experience to guide our research efforts.

Paula Kennedy’s maternal grandmother was an O’Donoghue. She completed the Diploma in Genealogy and Family History at the University of Cork in 2017 and will be undertaking her masters at the University of Strathclyde from October.

Between the three of us we have access to many of the mainstream online genealogical services.

Please make the initial contact with Rod at providing the information required on this Project input page.  He will liaise, as necessary, with Brendan and Paula and the other volunteers as to the best next steps.

We also have volunteers who can provide local expertise.  They are listed below

Name                                       Country
Annie Handley                       Australia
Helen O’Donoghue                Australia
Jim Horgan                             USA

In order to help researchers with their genealogical education and project progress we have provided some aids accessed on the link below

Researcher Training

Specific research interests