The Society’s goals, culture and approach


The purpose of The O’Donoghue Society is to promote a deeper understanding of the individual family histories of those that carry or have carried the O’Donoghue name, and its many variants. We extend our knowledge of the origins and history of the name itself through specific and general communication and research..

Main activities and current status

  • Maintaining a dedicated web site for the Society, which will allow easy interaction between members and guests, and a regular flow of information. The web site is not used for advertising of any sort, other than members’ own personal publications relevant to the purpose of the society.
  • Encouraging everyone to join in the community nature of the society by getting to know each other and contributing to the society’s activities through participation in the blogs and by undertaking specific jobs.
  • Maintaining a database of family history data, research interests and general source material, with the objective of supporting members’ research programmes, and connecting similarly interested people and related family groups.
  • Providing a family history service to members, advising them on how to meet their objectives and doing actual research when time allows.
  • Publishing a quarterly journal on the web site with contributions from anyone interested in providing suitable material.
  • Promoting the conservation of documents, monuments and other material of special significance to O’Donoghue history.
  • Encouraging and participating in gatherings of like-minded people brought together by a common interest in their heritage·
  • Undertaking projects of a cross-society nature, where an extended period of time and effort is required to achieve a result.


The Basic Culture

Our approach is best described as participative, with everyone encouraged to contribute to the society’s and each other’s projects. We aim to provide value for money, but the payment of a subscription should be viewed, fundamentally, as an investment for future benefit, rather than a transaction for immediate service provided. We seek to be professional at all times. We avoid excessive rules and work on the basis of mutual support and enjoyment. We try, to the best of our ability, to protect people’s privacy in areas they request (the society is registered under the UK Data Protection Act – registration number Z6848743). Critical decisions are taken, wherever possible, in consultation with members. Whenever the name O’Donoghue is used, it should be interpreted as your name however you spell it.

Organisational approach

The Society Council, under Rod O’Donoghue’s leadership and with members from many different backgrounds, is the guiding group for the society.    Volunteers from within the society are encouraged to participate in all areas of activity. 

Specific research interests