Meet an O’Donoghue

The maps available on this page show the location of ‘O’Donoghues’ who are interested in meeting others in the society.  To discover where these people are, simply move to the region of interest and zoom in. By clicking on the pins on the map you will be provided with the email address of those people.

Please be very careful in  entering your coordinates as errors can disrupt the map programme.  For instance don’t put in

53.684873 N, 132.183432 W

Should have been:

53.684873, 132.183432

Your meeting could be a simple handshake and a short chat, but could end up being much more. So, whether it be in your home region or in a travel destination, give it a go. Who knows ? You might end up organizing a gathering !

To join this programme please go into your Profile in Members or Guests area.  Scroll down to the map, place a tick in the  Display my location box.  Then latch onto your pin and drag it to the place you want to use as your possible meeting location.  You can expand the map to whatever level of detail that you may require.  Please remember to Save after placing your pin.

Pins represent people who have said that they are willing to be contacted. The society offers this as a service to its members and guests, but takes no responsibility for the meetings.

The images on this page are

  1. General Irish landscape
  2. The Middle Lake, Killarney
  3. The Reeks across the lakes
  4. Moyne Abbey (founded by an O’Donoghue)

Specific research interests