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The preferred methods of payment are either by credit card or by pounds sterling cheque drawn on a bank in the UK.  All credit card transactions from this site are conducted using a secure email service.  Please note that transactions will appear under the name Histgen on your credit card statement.

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Cheques drawn in US dollars ($31) or Australian dollars (A$50) on overseas banks will also be accepted.

Instructions for members paying by cheque: Register as a guest and send your cheque, drawn payable to The O’Donoghue Society, to Rod O’Donoghue, 30 Canonbury Park South, London N1 2FN. On receipt you will be upgraded to member status.

30 days is the allowed period for renewal before a password is automatically withdrawn.

  • The whole purpose of The O’Donoghue Society is to promote a deeper understanding of the individual family histories of those that carry or have carried the O’Donoghue name, and its many variants. We extend our knowledge of the origins and history of the name itself through specific and general communication and research.
  • The society’s patron is Geoffrey O’Donoghue of the Glens. He is one of only twenty Gaelic Chiefs of the Name who have the formal right to use their historic title. He is an active member of the Standing Council of the Irish Chiefs and Chieftains.
  • The Council manages the development and operation of the society. Each member has a specific role but contributes to the whole.
  • My name is Rod O’Donoghue and I am the founder of the society. My Irish roots lie in County Kerry and I am a student of the history of the Irish, both within Ireland and across the world. In particular I have been researching for many years the place of the O’Donoghue name, and its many variants, in that history.

The images on this page are

  1. General Irish landscape
  2. Lakes of Killarney looking to MacGillicuddy’s Reeks
  3. Moll’s Gap, Killarney (with acknowledgement to Andre Quellet)
  4. Ross Castle

Specific research interests