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The O'Donoghue Society

For all those interested in history and genealogy and whose names are derived from the Gaelic

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Employment records in England & Wales
Many other records give a birthplace, especially those of servicemen. Your ancestor may have been a soldier. If some children were born in Ireland before the parents came over then their birth places may be recorded in other types of employment records: teaching, police, coastguards etc

The Society Projects

The society and its members will undertake research of a historical or genealogical nature, where an extended period of time and effort is required to achieve a result. Such work would not include routine day to day research specific to just one family. Each project will be led by a member to agreed terms of reference. Others are encouraged to provide support.

Current projects are:
1. Irish of the Caribbean (Active)
2. Aran Isles (Active)
3. American Revolutionary War 1775-83 (Active)
4. American Civil War 1861-5 (Active)
5. Settling the American West - 1820-1920 (Active)
6. Fenians and the movements that followed (Active)
7. Birth of San Francisco (Active)
8. Boston Irish (Active)
9. Viking period in Ireland (Active)
10. Gold Rush of American West (Active)
11. Irish pioneers and the settlement of USA (Active)
12. Collapse of the old Gaelic order in Ireland (Active)
13. The Boer Wars (1880-1 and 1899-1902) (Active)
14. The Battle of Clontarf 1014 (Active)
15. The Irish in Victorian London (or any other major British city) (Active)
16. O'Donoghue Halls of Fame (Active)
17. Irish pioneers and the settlement of Canada (Active)
18. The rapparee (Active)
19. The monasteries and Church in Medieval Ireland (Active)
20. Irish clerics in the European colleges of the 17th and 18th centuries (Active)
21. Irish pioneers and the settlement of New Zealand (Active)
22. Biographies (Active)
23. The Irish of (individual American states) (Active)
24. The O'Donoghue Arms (Active)
25. Historic Irish regiments disbanded in 1922 (Active)
26. The 1845-52 famine in Kerry (Active)
27. The Ó Donojús of Spain (Active)
28. Ó Donnchadha tribal history (Proposed)
29. Dunphys of Canada (Proposed)
30. Famous Irish regiments in foreign armies (Proposed)
31. Irish Civil War (Proposed)
32. 1880s worldwide census data base (Proposed)
33. Plantations of Ireland (Proposed)
34. Irish pioneers and settlement in South Africa (Proposed)
35. History of the Irish in Scotland (Proposed)
36. American British conflict of 1812-15 (Proposed)
37. 1690 and 1691 in Ireland - the Boyne and Limerick (Proposed)
38. Roll of honour (Proposed)
39. Wild Geese (Proposed)
40. US - Mexican War 1846-8 (Proposed)
41. Irish education over the centuries (incl. hedge schools) (Proposed)
42. Ballydonoghues (Proposed)
43. Sixteenth century in Ireland through to the battle of Kinsale (Proposed)
44. Surname distribution analysis (Proposed)
45. Texas Revolution 1835-6 (Proposed)
46. 1916 - Battle of Somme and Easter Rising (Proposed)
47. World War One and the Irish (Proposed)
48. Donahoe Nexus (Proposed)
49. The Irish Navvy in Great Britain (Proposed)
50. Gold Rush in Australia (Proposed)
51. Irish pioneers and the settlement of Australia (Proposed)
52. World War Two and the Irish (Proposed)
53. To Hell or Connaught (Proposed)
54. The Irish of Latin America (Proposed)
55. Freemasonry (Proposed)
56. O'Donoghue folklore (Proposed)
57. Irish naming practices (Proposed)
All researchers are encouraged to suggest potential projects which will advance our combined state of knowledge.